What window for my decor?


What window for my decor?


Straight or curved lines, shapes, colors ... The bay windows participate fully the style of your interior and your facade. Let yourself be seduced!

To choose a new windowit's better to isolate yourself from the cold and the noise, to save energy and to gain brightness thanks to finer profiles. But it's also a bias aesthetic. Whatever material is chosen, we play the personalization: opening (swinging, oscillobattante, sliding, fixed chassis ...), format (bent, triangle ...), handle design (straight, curved or flat), small wood integration in the glazing to play the charm of traditional tiles without the maintenance constraints, etc. Have fun!

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The Ode bois window comes in two essences for two aesthetic: sober and refined for the pine (as here) or molded for the oak. Stained or white finish, many customization options: small woods, cremones, removable frames ... From 127 euros (pine) or 240 euros (oak) in L 100 x H 75 cm (window two standard leaves).


Aluminum for a contemporary note

It has its place in a renovation project. Its straight and sleek design contrast nicely with traditional building materials like stone or brick. We appreciate it for the extreme delicacy of its lines, who offers maximum light gain. The aluminum windows are like frames opening on the outside space. For a minimalist aesthetic, put on straight profiles rather than curved and opt for swinging windows with hidden opening : the opening parts of the bay are invisible from the outside because they are hidden behind the "frame" of the window. Result : definitely finer lines.

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The architect Sébastien Bailleux used different types of aluminum openings to renovate a villa in Hossegor (Landes). Here, two sliding bays "Kasting" (a large with a leaf casement and a small two-leaf) and a window "Kalory" type bull's-eye.


Trendy colors

Thanks to a thermolaquage Guaranteed up to 25 years, aluminum comes in hundreds of colors. We can even choose the coloring, for different colors inside and out. The trend ? Black, gray or brown tones, which underline the finesse of the woodwork. But also the grained metallic effects, frosted or weathered, who play subtly with light : zinc, rust, titanium, champagne ... The silvery gray and the sophisticated whites agree well contemporary interiors and lofts. Side finishes, we can opt for a satin huesmooth and easy to maintain, or sandblasted for a matter effect. There are also natural oak or ceruse effects very realistic.

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Trendy color for aluminum joinery, the rust has warm reflections and a slightly grained appearance. Here, a panoramic fixed bay of the range "Primo Alu opening discreet", L 200 x H 65 cm, 1 087,82 euros.


Nice contrast between the stone facade and its contemporary aluminum window, with a slim square section lacquered gray storm. "Espace 70 TH" high performance window.

Installux "Realization side Berries"

The nobility of wood

Authentic and warm, wood we isolate naturally cold and noise. Stable and resistant, it allows to achieve windows of different styles and formats. We appreciate it in its classic version to equip downtown apartments and traditional houses. In natural oak or painted in white, with moldings, small-wood and old-fashioned cremone, the wooden window is a charm asset. She also knows how to behave more contemporary, with some straight and thin profiles, dyed in slate gray or taupe. It is also the only joinery that can be painted with our colors, for a total personalization. The interview turns out less tedious than formerly : outside, lasures are now guaranteed 5 years (transparent) or 10 years (Opaque).

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Charming and powerful, the wood was used to renovate this building in the Dordogne. The pine windows were decorated with glued small woods of 28 mm arranged in a cross and then painted in blue.

Carpenter's Shop

PVC in chameleon mode

It displays remarkable thermal performance and finer, straight or curved sections according to the desired style. Today he wears dozens of satin or matte shades (steel blue, anthracite gray, metallic tones ...), available in coloring (one color on the outside, another on the inside). He also knows to imitate the wood, coated with a veined decor film that resists wear and UV. The brand OKNOPLAST even proposes PVC windows coveredinside, a thin layer of real wood ("Pixel" model, "Natura" finish).

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Classic lines and high thermal insulation for this "FIN-72 Classic-Line" French window. In white PVC veined with small-wood, it combines two leaves with two fixed lateral bays.


The interest of mixed joinery

Smart, they combine several materials in order to have the best of each. The most common association? Wood inside for the charm, aluminum outside for weather resistance. At stake, excellent thermal insulation. There are also models combining PVC inner side and aluminum side facade. Some go further by bringing together three materials : a "heart" in PVC or polymer for insulation, front aluminum and, inside, the possibility to choose between wood, PVC or aluminum according to the style of the room. The facade, it remains uniform.

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Elegant with its three leaves and transoms, this French window is made of PVC and fiberglass, for reinforced rigidity and insulation. Wide choice of colors and wood look colors. "Composium"


Beautiful and smart windows

Some new windows have some great features.

• "VentoLife" from Schüco integrates a discreet air purifier, which lets in the outside air while ridding it of its toxic substances.

The climate window Technal produces heat or cold from its aluminum frame. controllable from a thermostatit can replace a radiator.

• Invisible and wireless, integrated lock detector (DVI) of K.Line allows the window of transmit his state (open or locked) via the K.Line Smart Home app. It also equips sliding windows and entry doors. 20 euros in option.

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Made of aluminum, this new oscillobattante window with concealed opening is available in two colors: sandblasted gray on the outside and white on the inside. L 120 x H 125 cm.