Painting: 12 bluish shades for the whole house


Painting: 12 bluish shades for the whole house

Dulux Valentine

Pastel blue, indigo blue, duck blue, turquoise ... Cold color by definition, the blue is no less an invitation to travel. Associated with relaxation and well-being, he invites himself in every room of the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, without forgetting the living room or the office and gives desires elsewhere.

Color friendly small spaces, it can enlarge visually, the blue colors the walls with style and gives character to the interiors. Timeless and elegant, blue inspires paint manufacturers, Farrow & Ball, Dulux Valentine or Tollens, to create new shades, always more decorative. Dive into the big blue!

1. Duo of blues to wake up a graphic kitchen

Want to give relief to your kitchen decor? Nothing's easier. Start by painting the back wall in light blue. Then opt for a shade of blue a bit longer and create an original credence. With the same hue, underline the lines of the large wall hood. Result? The contrast of the two shades of blue allows to hang the eye and even seems to stretch the room.

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Collection The refreshing, Ondi Pure Satin shades B131-2 PA, B124-5 ME. Colors from the color chart Zolpachrom 3. Price on request, Ondi Pur by Zolpan.


2. A green blue enveloping in a haussmannian salon

Between duck blue and green water, here is a singular color capable of highlighting the beautiful moldings of this Haussmann apartment. Associated with a white painted ceiling and a light wood floor, this blue-green brings a touch of cozy charm to this vast living room.

Sponge resistant, multipurpose acrylic paint, V33 Hypnotik, reference # 30 Square Green: 32.90 euros per liter. V33.


3. An indigo blue for a Greek atmosphere

Indigo blue sublimates contemporary interiors. As a nod to the famous roofs of Santorini's houses, this hue blends beautifully with bright white. Enhanced with hints of ocher or mustard, the indigo blue takes on an astonishing decorative dimension.

Collection "Blue", Ultra Blue 264. Price on request. Little Greene.

Little Greene

4. An authentic antique turquoise blue

Drawn in the latest colors of the Farrow & Ball color chart, Vardo is a deep turquoise very comfortable in charming atmospheres, style holiday home. Here, he mixes well with wooden furniture.

Nuance Vardo. 81 euros 2.5 liters, Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball

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5. A vintage sky blue for a secondhand decor

With its skilfully patinated rendering, this vintage blue is wonderful in interiors populated with recycled objects. What emphasize the decorative collections of all kinds.

Vintage tint: 21,50 euros the 500 ml and 57 euros the pot of 2 liters. Eleonore Deco.

Eleonore Deco

6. A touch of "Sarah Lavoine Blue"

Signature color by interior designer Sarah Lavoine, this shade oscillates between green and blue. Inspired by the deep sea, the "Sarah Blue" is invited on the walls of the living room and offers them relief and character.

The "Sarah Blue", exists powder matte, silky matte, velvety satin, water-based satin lacquer, glossy lacquer, matte lacquer and universal printing: from 19.77 euros the 0.5 liter pot. Sarah Lavoine for Resource.

Sarah Lavoine / Resource

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7. A petrol blue to pimp a Scandinavian interior

Accustomed in pastel shades, the Scandinavian style opts here for a more vitamin-like look. Expertly coordinated, petrol blue and almond green are definitely a good match. More daring still, know that the mix between turquoise and green anise is also fly.

Oil blue Cromaline hue, Alkyde multi-media paint, 39.90 euros for the 2.5 liter jar and 14.90 euros for the 0.5 liter jar. 4 walls.

4 Walls

8. A couple of light blue to soften a minimalist decor

In this ultra design kitchen where nothing goes beyond, the combination of these two shades bluish revives the atmosphere, while finesse.

Collection "Blue", shades Regency Blue 253 and Pale Berlin 258. Price on request. Little Greene.

Little Greene

9. A peacock blue that gives the look of the living room

Ideal to accentuate the charm of a living room with old charm, peacock blue goes hand in hand with a marine green. On the ceiling, a golden ocher shade brings light to the whole.

Single-layer, quick-drying color cream, Dulux Valentine, Peacock Blue and Marine Green: 18.95 euros for half a liter and 49.50 euros for 2.5 liters. Dulux Valentine.

Dulux Valentine

10. A pastel blue gradient to revive brick walls

Sometimes a subtle nuance is enough to make all the difference. In this room, for example, blue fjord and blueberry dress brick walls to better modernize.

Single-layer, fast drying Color Cream, Dulux Valentine, Blue Fjord and Blueberry colors: 18.95 euros per half liter and 49.50 euros 2.5 liters. Dulux Valentine.

Dulux Valentine

11. A turquoise blue to dive into the big bath

As a tribute to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and beyond, this bright blue decorates the walls of the bathroom and thus invites calm and change of scenery.

Collection The refreshing, Ondi Pure Satin shades G133-3 PA, B132-4 PA, B132-6 ME. Colors from the color chart Zolpachrom 3. Price on request, Ondi Pur by Zolpan


12. A navy blue to delimit the office area

Carefully laid out in a niche, this workspace is highlighted with a wall painted in blue littoral. More than a decorative bias, this choice creates an area dedicated to the office area, open on the living room.

Equilibrium acrylic paint, satin aspect, coastal color, reference 65 20 53: 49.95 euros 2.5L (or 19.98 euros per liter). Tollens, at Castorama.

Tollens / Castorama

And also ... An intimate bluish duet in the bedroom

Adopted in two shades, blue Acapulco and blue of Sweden, the color of the serenity has never worn so well its (on) name ... Here, it marks the headboard and perfect the cozy atmosphere, so chic, from this bedroom. To copy!

Acapulco B32-f and Swedish Blue B34-f paints, starting from 39 euros the pot of 1L, Pure & Paint.

Design & communication custom (s)

A gray blue from the color chart Côté Maison x Ressource

Subtly purplish, this gray blue reinforces the elegant atmosphere of this living space where calm and voluptuous reign as masters. Between neutral tones and indus, harmony seems to be found.

Storm gray blue, reference CM35: from 6 euros per m2. House Side x Resource.

House Side x Resource

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