Change your windows: to each his style


Change your windows: to each his style

MC France

And if change his windows finally became a part of pleasure? Materials, colors, accessories : do you take on the game of personalization and give free rein to your creativity.

Not so long ago, choosing a new window was a real headache. It was necessary to be attentive to the Uw (coefficient of insulation), without forgetting the db (acoustic) and the AEV (waterproofness) ... What to lose its Latin! Fortunately, the offer is upscale : Today, all windows of recognized brands show excellent performance and ensure good thermal comfortregardless of the material used. No need to worry about the technique, we can finally devote ourselves serenely to aesthetics. In this area too, we are spoiled for choicebut it's definitely more fun ...

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Windows with multiple formats

In renovation, the shape of the new window largely depends on the old one. But it is also possible to drill other openings or enlarge existing ones to allow more light to enter the house. The trend is indeed to large sliding glass doors and windows XXL, while transparency; without a base, these are framed by a transom (upper fixed part) and fully glazed side bays.

Set of French doors in basket handle, with central sheep and snapdragon closure. Prestige range, Lorenove


Depending on the needs, the windows can also be fixed frame (to illuminate inaccessible places) or oscillobattantes (to ventilate a bathroom, in particular). Custom designed, they adapt to all configurations and are then bent, rounded (bull's eye), trapezoid or triangle.

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In this small bathroom, we opted for a hidden opening window in aluminum, diamond format. To preserve privacy, it has been equipped with granite glazing. Initial.

Initial / Xavier BOYMOND

Changing your windows: the material, an aesthetic choice

Aluminum, which represents 26% of window sales, is known for its strength and foolproof stability. With a thermal break, it is a very good insulator, and its profiles of extreme finesse are suitable for large bays. Aluminum can be straight or curved according to the desired aesthetic. It is popular with architects to modernize traditional homes (stone, in particular) and create a beautiful effect of contrast in front.

In Charente, the agency Looking For Architecture transformed an old farmhouse by piercing arched black aluminum doors. Technal


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PVC accounts for 60% of sales. It displays a very good price / quality ratio: inexpensive, it offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Its profiles, previously thick and rounded, are now thinner and straight thanks to metal reinforcements. Chameleon, PVC is suitable for both contemporary homes and traditional buildings, because it can imitate the moldings of old-fashioned windows.

Wood, finally, is naturally insulating. Warm and authentic, it has rounded or straight shapes, depending on whether you want a traditional or more contemporary style. It represents 11% of the market.

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A Norman farmhouse has been renovated using 80 white PVC joinery respecting the traditional architecture of the building. Range 3 joints Tradition, Janneau


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Change windows and mix materials

What if we did not settle for a single material? Very popular, the mixed joinery combines for example the wood inside and the aluminum outside to combine the strengths of each material (window Meo of MC France, especially). Both profiles are assembled at the factory to provide excellent strength, maximum insulation and refined aesthetics.

On the front side, aluminum offers fine and clean frames that can be colored to the point, do not talk and do not fear the weather.

On the inside, the pine or oak window is cozy and modern, enhanced by a natural or colored finish. Another option: choose a window combining aluminum on the outside and PVC on the inside.

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Maximum thermal insulation and watertightness for this patio door, aluminum outside and slate color pine inside. 10 wood finishes and 28 aluminum colors to choose from. Méo, MC France

MC France

Some manufacturers also offer multi-material joineries with, at the heart of the window, a material with thermal break to reinforce the insulation: a polymer core for the range M3D of Millet and a PVC structure for the window SO from Solabaie. On the front, the aluminum profile protects the window from the weather, while on the inside it is possible to choose between wood, PVC or aluminum. One can thus grant its windows to the different rooms of the house according to the constraints and the style of each one: PVC in the bathroom or the garage, aluminum in the room to be lived and wood in the rooms, for example. The aesthetics of the facade, it remains uniform.

The new window! SO offers a wide choice of materials and colors. Outside, aluminum declined in 19 shades. Inside, 4 wood finishes, white PVC or 13 aluminum shades. Solabaie


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Aluminum, champion of color

Gray aluminum, white PVC and natural looking wood: that was another time! Today, the windows come in a multitude of colors, whatever their material. Inside, they are the effect of colored frames that blend in the background or that, instead, play contrasts. Outside, the color allows to customize and enhance the facade. The champion material of the color remains aluminum. With him, the possibilities are almost endless: more than 300 thermolacquered shades and effects natural wood (oak, wenge ...) or colored (gray ceruse, slate lacquered ...) stunning realism with their irregular veining. For more customization, opt for coloring: a hue inside (white in general), another outside. In Milletwe even talk about multicoloration because the palette is as wide inside as it is outside.

We dare red? More than 400 possible combinations with the M3D range: 27 aluminum colors (interior and exterior), oak, stained pine or white PVC (interior). Millet


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Patinated or frosted hues?

The trend today is in mineral and metallic tones, of raw and industrial appearance. For example, the colors "rust cloud", "patinated brass" or "old zinc", from the brand's new palette. Profiles Systems. Patinated aluminum, sandblasted, grained or frosted: the finish brings a unique touch to the windows. It can be shiny, satin or matte according to preferences.

Thanks to its finesse, Pixel ofre 22% more light than a classic PVC profile. Here, a window effect bleached wood. OKNOPLAST


As for PVC, it can also be lacquered inside and out, in a variation of matt or metallic gray or in "heritage" tones: Breton blue, almond green, burgundy, etc. Like aluminum, it also knows how to imitate wood: an effect obtained by hot applying a high-strength decorative film (plaxage) or by sticking a thin layer of real wood (OKNOPLAST and Decoplak ofAMCC).

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Shutters set the tone

Of course, their burglary protection function is essential, but their role in the thermal insulation of the house is also: closed, they minimize the entrance of heat or cold. But we also choose its shutters to sublimate the aesthetics of the facade.

Blue shutters for a house by the sea ... In aluminum, they do not fear any bad weather and offer reinforced insulation. 26 colors and 3 wood tones. Dal'Alu


The swinging aluminum models, which are thinner than the durable, maintenance-free wooden ones, offer a particularly wide range of colors and finishes. Stone, sand or patinated tiles, they blend into the decor. Red, blue or green, they bring a charming regional touch to the facades.

Graphite black, metallic gray or patinated zinc, they modernize the habitat.

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Stylish accessories

For more personality, the windows will be accessorized. The small woods bring them the retro charm of traditional tiles, without the maintenance constraints. These thin rods integrated between the two windows are available in several thicknesses, materials (aluminum, wood, PVC but also brass or lead), styles (straight or molded) and colors, to match the profiles or mismatch according to the desired effect. Each one to choose their number and their disposition.

New colors of Excellence PVC range, anthracite gray is available here on all windows with small woods, as well as on the French window with high transom. Lapeyre


Similarly, the aesthetics of the handle and the cremone (vertical iron rod that is raised or lowered to lock or open the window) is important. Made of aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel or nickel-plated zinc, there is something for every style. The trend is for straight and minimalist handles, lacquered in the same color as the profiles for greater discretion.

Understanding the energy label

Climate zone: the energy balance of the window varies according to the climate of your region, depending on whether it is in zone Z1, Z2 or Z3.

Annual energy balance: it measures the impact of the window on the energy consumption of your home, from A (the best performer) to G (the worst performer).

Summer comfort: it indicates if the window is a good protection against external heat.

Coefficient of thermal transmittance: expressed in Uw, it measures the level of thermal insulation performance of the window. The lower it is, the more the window is insulating.

Solar factor: the higher the Sw, the higher the solar gains from the window. In winter, it's an asset. Summer, however, better protect yourself from the sun. It is the climate zone of your home that will determine the best solar factor.

Light transmission: TLw indicates the carpentry's ability to let natural light into your home.

Energy label


Choose the NF Mark

Thermal insulation, air permeability, watertightness, ease of maneuver ... The NF certification subjects the windows to a set of tests in order to guarantee their performances and the comfort of use that they provide.

The brand also ensures that windows will stand the test of time (wear, degradation, discoloration). Essential !

The list of manufacturers and certified products is available on the website