Dare the color on the walls!


Dare the color on the walls!


Want to inject a little life into your house? Why not paint a wall in color? In total look, as headboard, underbody of a wall or in a niche, the vitamin and dark paints are imposed on the walls. No matter what atmosphere you want to create, there is a tone to fulfill your desire for change. The reign of white has lasted long enough, dare color in your interior!

If fashion is clean and immaculate, the bright colors have not said their last word. From the living room to the nursery, through the kitchen and the office, Pro Maison Côté Projects opted for free paint, revealing the character of each piece. Dark blue, powder pink, cherry red or even jade green, imitate these colorful atmospheres and give a boost to your cozy nest.

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1. A dark painting in the master bedroom

Quite a trend, the dark paint is needed even in the sleeping area. Blue, khaki, burgundy ... There is a wide range of dark hues that can transform the mood of this room. As a headboard, the night blue gives an opulent note to the room and maintains its intimate atmosphere. However, take care of your choice of lighting by focusing on bright materials such as copper or brass: they will bring the missing brightness to a dark tone.

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More pictures of this apartment of 57 m2 renovated by the interior architects of the agency Transition Interior Design

2. Red paint in the basement in the kitchen

Renowned aggressive or loud, red has many advantages when it comes in paint he can wake up a room, warm up a living room or revamp a kitchen. But be careful where you apply it! Forget the total look, the red would only darken the space. On the other hand, paint the basement walls garnet, vermilion or raspberry can only energize the silhouette of a room. The trick to reproduce? Paint the radiator and piping in the same shade to maintain consistency.

Estelle Lefèvre

More photos of this family apartment captured by photographer Estelle Lefèvre

3. Blue to soften the curves of the kitchen

Blue fits in every room of the house. This color with a thousand and one hues is timeless : it blends with contemporary atmospheres as with retro atmospheres. Chosen in a clear and luminous tone, blue comes to slice the immaculate set of furniture. Fresh without being cold, this nuance imposes its character in Scandinavian cuisine. Above all, it highlights the rounded walls of the architecture and delimits the kitchen area of ​​the rest of the living room. Without fail guaranteed.

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More pictures of this Parisian apartment made by the interior architects of the agency June

4. Khaki paint on the niche of the dining room

Darker than a traditional green, the khaki makes his comeback in the interior decoration. This shade likes associate with raw materials such as wood or steel and ethnic looks with tribal or geometric motifs. In the dining room, the persimmon highlights the integrated niche and introduces a more intimate atmosphere in the dining area. Above all, it contrasts with the Haussmann style and modernizes the atmosphere of the place.

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Carole Sertillanges

More pictures of this Haussmannian apartment redesigned by the decorators of the Espaces à Rêver agency

5. A graphic duo to see the life in pink in the room

To create a soft atmosphere in the bedroom, nothing beats a pink painting. Often reserved for the children's night area, the rose is more and more important in the rest of the house. The master bedroom does not escape the trend and is adorned with powdery notes. Avoid all the same candy tones or fuchsias that go out of fashion faster. Turn to the powder pink or the "old rose" and divert the childish aspect of this painting with a graphic cut.

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Bertrand Fompeyrine

More pictures of this loft of 83 m2 by Rebecca Benichou, interior designer at Batiik Studio

6. A coral wall to boost the decor of the show

Good-looking color par excellence, the coral easily finds its place in the living room. Applied on a single wall, this painting determines the warm atmosphere of the living room. In addition, the orange tones match with ethnic moods: the coral responds to the pattern of cushions and the raw look of wood furniture. The good idea to stitch? Do not paint the wall to the ceiling! The coral stops at the level of the moldings which underlines the incredible height under ceiling of the living room.

Sophie Zaghdoun

More photos of this two-room apartment of 45 m2 in Rome redesigned by the decorator Sophie Zaghdoun

7. A green paint to give pep to the nursery

In the child's room too, dare flashy colors! This very bright green has the advantage of being timeless and unisex, it corresponds as well to a girl as a boy, toddler as pre-teen. Mostly, the green is not afraid of the total look and marries without worry with other colors. Evidenced by the geometric tapestry that delineates the bed and its orange, yellow and khaki triangles.

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Paul Allain

More pictures of this large family apartment of 105 m2 realized by the professionals of the agency Maéma Architectes

8. A pale blue is coming to the office

In the office, the decorative potential is often limited. If this piece is dedicated to work, nothing prevents you from give it a boost with a stroke of colorful paint. Here, interior designers have chosen a bright turquoise blue that covers the wall, like the access door. This cool shade is warmed by a custom wood bookcase. A well thought association between natural matter and color tint.

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Matthis Mouchot

More photos of 63 m2 in the heart of Buttes-Chaumont by the interior designers of Atelier GMD agency

9. A yellow paint that wakes up the kitchen

What better than a yellow paint to embellish a room? Light tint by essence, yellow enhances the atmosphere who reigns in this dinner kitchen. Industrial suspension, mismatched chairs, table 60's and hood of origin, the kitchen is resolutely vintage. Yellow reinforces this retro spirit and unifies the eclectic styles of furniture. For a warm family cooking.

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Julien Fernandez

More photos of this 50's house transformed by interior designer Ninou Etienne

10. A pastel atmosphere in the living room

In this Haussmann apartment, the pastel blue soothes the atmosphere of the living room and highlights with simplicity the moldings that make the charm of the Parisian look. This light blue subtly enhances the immaculate atmosphere of the living room. On the other hand, do not forget to decorate the living room with colorful cushions, a series of shelves and indoor plants : these details warm the atmosphere produced by the clear painting, for a contemporary and warm living room.

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Bertrand Fompeyrine

More pictures of this Parisian apartment renovated by the architects of the Boclaud Architecture agency

11. Red in the stairwell

As well as the living room or bedroom, transition spaces must be cared for. So, you can transform the staircase into a real decorative piece. Opt for a color of character, like that passionate red that wakes up any white interior. Applied on the entire wall, the red paint gives a shot of pep without darkening the living space. We particularly like the reminder of the niches dug out of the staircase: red highlights the sculptural structure of the staircase.

Thierry Stefanopoulos

More photos of this factory rehabilitated in loft by the interior designer Stéphanie Michel-Girard

12. A jade green paint in the hallway

Want to illuminate the corridor? Nothing more simple, you just have to repaint it. With a bright color like this jade green, this piece of passage changes totally face. The corridor acquires brightness and personality once repainted. Its green tint blends seamlessly with the black and white wallpaper and city pattern. Dare to color, with a few strokes of the brush, the corridor becomes a stylish space!

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More pictures of this Haussmanian apartment renovated by interior designer Sara Camus Bouanha