Buying Guide: How to choose a fireplace for the living room?


Buying Guide: How to choose a fireplace for the living room?


The fireplace is dreaming many of us. With or without leads? A wood or pellet, running on gas, ethanol or electric? Open or closed? Small round of heating of the questions to be posed before making install its chimney ... - Read also> Heating: the most effective solutions

First practical question to ask before installing a chimney: do you have a flue and a fresh air inlet or the possibility of having it installed in your house? "It's not always possible, especially in apartments," explains Julien Gras, market manager for the French chimney manufacturer, "Brisach," and that will guide the choice of the energy of your chimney. wood, pellet or gas fireplace, without it you will have to turn to the ethanol or electric fireplace ".

Another criteria of choice: it is important to know if you want a fireplace to warm you or for the pleasure of fire and its decorative side. Hardwood fans will be able to choose an open fireplace, but know that its efficiency will not exceed 10 to 15% when a closed fireplace ensures a performance of over 70% for a wood burning fireplace, 90% for a pellet fireplace, or more than 90% for a gas fireplace.

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Made of Doura stone, this classic fireplace features an open hearth measuring 80 x 64 cm in briquettes. Its shape, its white stone and its sculpted motifs will be perfectly integrated in a Haussmann style decor. Price upon request. Chazelles ...


Fireplace: which energy to choose?

It all depends on the life you lead and your expectations. A fireplace that works with logs requires some storage capacity and requires you to be present to refuel. If you come back late at night and the fireplace acts as the main heating, it is not pleasant to enter a cold house. In this case, it is better to opt for a pellet or gas fireplace whose operation can be automated. We can even now program remote start using his smartphone. The budget also comes into play, according to Dominique Combeau, CEO of the Chazelles group, a French company that has been manufacturing fireplaces for more than 20 years: "When you buy, you must count at least 4000 euros for a wood or pellet fireplace. quality and installed by a professional (not pipe laying), against at least 5000 euros for a gas fireplace.As options (liftable door, size, multiplication of glazed surfaces ...) and the dressings (marble ...) are almost infinite, the prices are also changing according to size and materials ". Also know that the use, it is the fireplace wood will cost the least, followed by the pellet fireplace. The cost of gas at kw is higher, it can make a real difference for everyday use.

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Plano is a bespoke tray concept proposed by Brisach to create a design stone fireplace to your dimensions. Made in miter cut for a massive material effect. Achievable in any dimension tailor-made to the nearest cm. Minimum height of 6 cm for Plano trays. Price on estimate. Brisach.


The charm of a wood fireplace

Its ecological and natural side seduces but it nevertheless presents some constraints ranging from the cutting of the wood to the storage of the logs without forgetting the maintenance more important than with a gas chimney: it will be necessary in particular to remove the ashes of the apparatus several times by week. It remains to determine the power of the fireplace, according to Julien Gras: "The power of the fireplace must be chosen to the fair, so that the wood burns continuously, that the windows remain clean and that the operation is optimal. to say that it takes 1 kW to heat 10 m2 but better to seek advice from a professional because it also depends on the area of ​​the room to be heated and the insulation of the house. Indeed, the more the house is isolated (which is the case in new houses built according to the RT 2012), and less power must be high: thus, a fireplace of 3 kW can perfectly be enough to heat a room in a house This type will require a 10 kW fireplace in a poorly insulated building. On the material side, the closed fireplace hearth may be steel or cast iron. Each material has its advantages, explains Dominique Combeau: "The cast iron hearth will heat up less quickly but will restore the heat in the room longer.The steel heats immediately and allows larger sizes of appliances.For chimneys exceeding 1 meter , steel is the only solution. "

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A design and contemporary fireplace in sandblasted blue stone. Practical, the reserve with lateral logs in harmony. Pillar and black painted metal headband. Dim: 180 x 75 x 88 cm. Insert 101 2V. Price upon request. Godin.


Pellet fireplace: the benefits of automation

The advantage of a chimney working with pellets (sawdust compressed)? Its automation makes it easier to use, confirms Dominique Combeau: "The pellet fireplace is a little less environmentally friendly because it uses electricity, but it has all the comforts of electronics: it can be programmed so that it turns on and off automatically, ensuring a constant and appreciable heat ". Also practical, pellets are stored in a tank and supply directly to the device as soon as it is necessary. For a good autonomy, opt for a chimney with a big tank allowing to recharge only after 48 hours. "Some models of fireplace can charge without waiting for the device to be cold which is convenient, adds Julien Gras.Finally, know that there are pellet fireplaces 'canalised' (impossible on fireplaces): l hot air is collected on the device to be dispatcher in the adjacent rooms, thus increasing the volume of heating of the apparatus ".

Facel 1000 pellet insert made of steel with integrated tank and feeding system. Silk screened glass 16/9. Vermiculite interior. Channeled with double burner. Temperature sensor. Radio remote control with built-in temperature sensor. Pressure relief valve. BBC compatible. Price upon request. Chazelles.


Wood or pellet fireplaces: take guarantees

To buy with confidence, choose Flamme Verte chimney stoves that will guarantee high efficiency and clean combustion. The best of the best? Flame Green 7-star fireplaces with 75% efficiency for wood stoves and 90% for pellets. Also require manufacturer's warranties of at least 5 years. For the installation, it is advisable to address professionals: they will not only have to benefit from Qualibois qualification but also have experience of chimney installation, which is more complicated than that of a stove.

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Semi-recessed vintage fireplace with varnished brushed steel frame. Assorted wood niche optional. Price on estimate. Chazelles.


What helps with my wood or pellet fireplace?

By equipping yourself with a log or pellet fireplace, you can benefit from the Energy Transition Tax Credit (30% of the purchase price of the home, installation not included) under certain conditions: the fireplace must be installed in your home principal, which must be more than two years old. Another obligation: to call a professional 'recognized environment guarantor' (RGE) for installation. Finally, the chimney must be Green Flame (or have its characteristics) and have an environmental performance index of less than 1.

This superb central fireplace stands in the middle of the living room as a work of art. Glazed, it shows a return of 80.2%. Glass central fireplace Eolia 907. Power 11 kW. Green flame 7 stars. Price on estimate. JC Bordelet.

JC Bordelet

Gas fireplace: focus on absolute comfort

With a gas fireplace, no more constraints: no need to cut wood, recharge or even store fuel. According to Julien Gras, we approach the central heating: "once connected to natural gas, it is possible to program several time slots as you please, so that the heating turns on in the morning and turns off at 10 o'clock, then it comes back in the evening so that the house is warm when you come in. In addition, the manufacturers have launched gas fireplaces producing beautiful flames, with an effect very close to a real wood fire. Another advantage of a gas fireplace: its installation can be done with a suction outlet (horizontal), which is much easier in some cases that an exit on the roof: to be preferred for apartments in particular. In addition, with a gas fireplace, you no longer have any positioning stress in the room. It is thus possible to install a fireplace 4 faces in the middle of the room. Finally, the gas fireplaces open all the possibilities in terms of dimensions with fireplaces tailor-made XXL (up to 3.50 m).

A fire in the fireplace? The illusion is perfect in this natural gas fireplace. Price upon request. Stûv-Tulp 70-90.

Stûv / Tulp


But also…

The ethanol fireplace:

No need for ducts or heavy work to install a fireplace powered by ethanol, a vegetable alcohol from the distillation of beet. Murals, table, to ask ... with it, no stains, fumes, soot and no maintenance. It lights up in the blink of an eye and can follow you if you move. Recent models have a power output of 2,000 to 10,000 W. At 2000 W, of course you stay on auxiliary heating, but a model of 10,000 W is able to heat a room of 70 to 90 m2. Important: an ethanol chimney will not work properly if it is not equipped with quality burners, sufficiently thick in particular. The larger the burner, the better the flame will be.

Side price, count on average 300 euros for an ethanol fireplace, up to 2000 euros for models XXL. Good to know: the cost of ethanol is higher than that of wood or pellets: about 2 euros per liter.

Easy to install and without any constraint, the fireplace or the ethanol insert brings a design note to the interior. Custom ethanol insert, price on request. Brisach.


... and the electric fireplace

Most often, the electric fireplace will act as auxiliary heating, in addition to another mode of heating. Aesthetic and decorative, it allows to have a fireplace, without constraints (conduit, maintenance ...). Design, colorful, contemporary or traditional and even nomadic (on wheels), it borrows different looks and adapts to many decorations.

Count 500 to 2000 euros for an electric fireplace.

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The Studio 22 electric insert offers two heat settings and four levels of flame brightness, creating the ideal atmosphere for every situation. Price upon request. Stovax.