Veranda: the 5 questions to ask

Photo Reynaers Aluminum

The veranda is the charm of the house. But preparing a porch project is not always easy: which orientation, which material, which roof to choose? Here are the 5 questions you need to ask yourself before starting a veranda project.

Well thought out, the veranda is a pleasant room to live in any season. Living room, dining room, kitchen and even spa, it adapts to all uses.

A veranda: for what use?

Upstream, define your needs well. Do you want to create an additional room (veranda extension) or enlarge an existing room? Today, any room in the house can be installed in the veranda because all technical solutions exist to insulate, heat, ventilate the veranda and make it comfortable all year long.

Ask yourself if the veranda should be completely open on the house or if you want to be able to close it, using sliding doors for example.

What orientation for your porch?

In the northern half of France, a south orientation is recommended, so you will enjoy sunshine and maximum heat in winter. To the south, prefer orientation is, you will have the morning sun and avoid overheating.

But, let's be realistic, in many cases you have no choice, the layout of the house and the configuration of the terrain impose orientation. To compensate, your verandalist will advise you on suitable insulation or sun protection devices.

What material for the veranda?

Each material has its strengths. There are verandas made of wood, pvc and steel. But it's aluminum that dominates the market. The fineness of the profiles enhances the glazing and allows as much light as possible. Another interest of the material, it lends itself very well to the coloring. The 200 plain colors of the RAL palette are complemented by metallic, grained or imitation wood effects. Everything is possible ... and, in particular, bi-coloring, allowing to have a different color inside and outside.

Aluminum veranda spirit workshop of Reynaers. A comfortable and elegant living room, perfectly integrated into the house.

Photo Reynaers Aluminum

What roof for the veranda?

The question is important. A 100% glazed roof is a source of light and heat, but it can also be uncomfortable if you do not have a high performance glass. Another solution, the opaque roof with skylight, is a good compromise between insulation and brightness. Manufacturers have worked hard in recent years to limit the discomfort of rain noise. The new roof panels called acoustic significantly reduce the sound.

How to choose your verandalist?

We recognize a good professional to several criteria: its many references, its good reputation, a beautiful showroom, a 3D software to visualize the project and a team of installers "home" (no outsourcing).

Some professionals join networks, often linked to a manufacturer. This means they have access to technical training, regulatory and town planning information, and these charters of good practice.

Like any construction, the veranda must meet the urban planning rules. The verandalist will advise you according to the surface of the project and your area of ​​residence.