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Art Photo Limited: Brighten your walls

Julien Helaine

The selection of Côté Maison To offer a picture of art without exploding the piggy bank becomes possible. The start-up Art Photo Limited wants to reconcile love of the photographic work and accessible price ... Explanations and look at the photographic works to decorate and personalize its walls with style.

Until then, the art photography was the luxury of a small circle of amateurs. Art Photo Limited intends to expand this epicycle by offering art photos, taken by the sizes of the field and the moment or budding artists of about 100 to 2000 euros.

Louis Albert and Junior Bernard deplored this paradox: "photography has never been so popular and yet amateurs and collectors of art can not realize this passion by acquiring photographic prints of art". Also, the idea sprouted in their minds to create a "gateway" connecting photographers sorted on the shutters, and individuals. There you go, Art Photo Limited, the largest art gallery in France, was born. Today, this platform already hosts more than 3,500 photos, classified according to about twenty categories, and published in number of 30, in 3 different sizes. "This legal limit of up to 30 copies, all formats and all media combined, is one of the foundations of Art Photo Limited, and we consider that a photograph has value only if it is signed and edited number of copies very small ", explains Louis Albert, CEO of the start-up. Thus you will be able to appreciate the work of Bernard Brault (elected twice photographer of the year in Canada), of Gwenn Dubourthoumieu (winner of several international photojournalism awards), or of Amélie Berton (French artist in the poetic universe) , to recite nobody else but them.

Images are better than words ... look at some of the works presented

Corcovado Rio, by Cécile Lhermitte Perrinet

105 euros the draw only 27x20 cm

Cécile Lhermitte Perrinet

Photo taken in Rio, at the foot of Corcovado. What we liked: the nuances of hues that accentuate the relief of this natural landscape.

Bhavai dancer by Serge Bouvet

875 euros the single draw in 45x34 cm

Serge Bouvet

Photo taken at the Bhavai dancer in Delhi, in the Kathputli Slum, near Shadipur Station. What we liked: the mise en abyme of this dancer from Delhi who remains elegant and refined despite the great precariousness of the place where she is preparing.

Heat by Julien Helaine

45 euros the draw only 30x20 cm

Julien Helaine

Photo taken in the streets of Nafplio in Greece in a hot summer. What we like: the soft and soothing atmosphere of this street where modernity meets tradition, nature and stone.

Zulu Sky by Eric Lafargue

55 euros the draw only 30x20 cm

Eric Lafargue

Photo taken in South Africa on a background of painted sky. What we like: the smile full of generosity and good nature of this character.

The Bixi of Bernard Brault

105 euros the draw only 30x20 cm

Bernard Brault

Photo taken in Canada under a summer rain. What we like: the brightness of the rain in the night. The darkness blurs the silhouette of the cyclist sheltered under his umbrella. The time of the photo this one becomes, in our eyes, an acrobat under bad weather.

Burning Down Bad Memories By Amélie Berton

315 euros the draw only 47x47 cm

Amélie Berton

Photo taken near Brussels in an abandoned train station. What we like: the movement of the burning leaves that seem to dance around this impassive man.

JP Kangand of Gwenn Dubourthoumieu

870 euros the draw only 90x60 cm

Gwenn Dubourthoumieu

Photo taken in Africa and belonging to the Jecoke Series October 11, 2009. What we like: the beauty of the gesture, the smile and the joy of this musician, that he communicates to us.

Place de la Concorde, Paris by David Goldstein

260 euros the draw only 34x34 cm

David Goldstein

This photo taken in Paris, Place de la Concorde was exhibited in France in 2014 and 2015 and in 2014 in Los Angeles. What we like: the game of contrasts with the sparkling lights in the night, the speed of the wheel, the calm of the street ...

German Pavilion by Audrey Dendooven

70 euros the draw only 30x20 cm

Audrey Dendooven

Photo taken in Barcelona, ​​in the Pavilion Basin of Germany where the sculpture of Georg Kolbe is reflected. What we like: under the effect of water, this photograph turns almost into watercolor.

One day you will come back by Amélie Berton

315 euros the draw only 47x47 cm

Amélie Berton

This photo (and its series) was born from the artist's meeting with the Japanese community in Brussels. What we like: the magic and the poetry that this character arouses in this colorful wild landscape.