15 verandas to take as models


15 verandas to take as models

Vérancial, photographer Xavier Boymond

Bright and cozy, the veranda brings a real value added at home in enlarging the living space. Modern aluminum, full of charm in wood and aluminum, the old wrought iron, kit or custom, you have the choice. Like these 15 verandas that adapt to all styles and budgets.

The new generation veranda you reach out. brightshe opens the house to the outside. generousit enlarges the living space and can even create an extra room. ComfortableIt is used in both winter and summer thanks to aluminum structures with thermal break that isolate it perfectly from the cold, as well as roofs that let light without overheating summer. Finally, modern or classicit adapts to all habitats. Here are 15 models to adopt.

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1. A veranda bathed in natural light

This aluminum veranda really opens to the outside ... And gives pride of place to the natural light, thanks to its large bay windows in front but especially to its roof panels including integrated skylights.

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Elite range. Model Dune all aluminum. High performance roof panels with integrated skylights. 36 m2. price on estimate. Akena Verandas.

Akena Vérandas-F. Pieau

2. A majestic Victorian style veranda

This exceptional residence built in 1870 is protected by the regulation of buildings in France, it was necessary to imagine a veranda that is perfectly based in the existing building: it is done with this veranda Victorian style. Erected at the front of the house, it has a central gate with two leaves that opens the veranda on the garden: a base and side stairs were also created to access the park.

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Aluminum veranda with broken thermal bridges. Surface: 21 m2. Black sandblasted finish. Roof 3 slopes with flat terrasson. Facade glazing: R Sun double glazings from Vitraglass with burglary-resistant and thermally insulated with argon gas and solar control. Roof glazing: Vitraglass double glazing with burglary-resistant, thermally insulated argon gas and solar control. Solid panels Isotoit. Price on estimate. Vérand'Art.

Vérand'Art Alexandre Rety

3. A livable veranda all year long

To enlarge the space without generating heavy work, Technal has implemented a double extension. In a week, this flat roofed veranda was born; bringing a modern side to this Provencal building. Recessed between two roofs, the extension extends the kitchen / dining room over 4.5 meters. The goal being to enjoy the veranda in any season, the insulation of the roof has been reinforced and associated with the walls and ceilings of glass: the solar contributions warm up the room in winter, minimizing heating needs. In summer, motorized sunshades protect from natural light while a roller shutter regulates the light and the total concealment of the glass roof.

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Veranda with 100% custom-made flat roof aesthetics, based on the Jade veranda. Black sandblasted color. Surface area, 25 m2. Aluminum sections with thermal break and 32 mm thick glass roof fillings. Large sliding windows Soleal. Led lighting. Price on estimate. Technal.

Technal by Laurent Descloux

4. A conservatory with high energy performance ...

More light and more solar energy: for added comfort, this high-rise veranda was made in Belgium with a special glass. Its high degree of light transmission (91%) allows the penetration of a greater amount of natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting and improving the comfort and well-being of the occupants. Its low degree of energy absorption (5%) also reduces the risk of heat shock. The gains in passive energy are increased thanks to its high level of energy transmission (87%) and its important solar factor (89%).

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Veranda made of Planibel Clearlite glass. Available in different thicknesses and dimensions. Price on estimate. AGC.


5. A screened porch with a skylight

Place in the natural light in this flat-roofed veranda, enjoying a real gap on the sky. This conservatory with a resolutely modern rectangular design has been converted into a comfortable and comfortable stay: to manage the atmosphere at will, the lighting and the extinction of the recessed spots in the ceiling are controlled remotely.

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Verandome Fiji, rectangular flat roof with flat dome without slope. Peripheral gutter equipped with the softline enhancement. Dome: Veranco tubular aluminum structure with integral thermal break. Skypane double glazing. Lighting integrated in the chevrons of the dome of Verandome (optional). Flat part: Veranco tubular aluminum structure, thermally insulated with a 62 mm thick "sandwich panel" and equipped on the outside with a membrane that seals the entire roof. Gutter: tubular aluminum veranco with peripheral linear overflow. Interior ceiling: 25 mm thick aluminum insulating panels, satin-matt white finish with silky appearance. Price on estimate. Veranco.


6. Veranda and pergola: the winning duo

With its duo structure, Concept Alu has chosen to combine a veranda and a pergola. An original combination that allows to propose a product that adapts to all seasons, with an open room and another closed. Strips, acroteria and cornices: everything has been planned by the brand to ensure a perfect homogeneity between the veranda and the pergola.

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New Extanxia veranda with flat roof, skylight, Arty interior ceiling (exposed timbers) or Habitat (plasterboard), Still or Deko acroterion finishes. Pergola Evolutiv with roof with adjustable slats (possibility of mixed roof glazing / blades and glazing / panels). Price on estimate. Alu concept.

Alu Concept

7. A steel veranda, old-fashioned

This steel veranda was attached to a small castle near Paris in order to connect the kitchen to the dining room, two rooms that were located opposite in the house: a large kitchen / dining room of 120 m2 has been created. The veranda stands out for its soft rounded shape with an overhanging overhanging roof. For a harmonious result, the facade openings follow the slope of the roof and the rounding of the veranda.

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Veranda 120 m2. in steel. Facades all-steel facades equipped with double glazing burglar-proof and very powerful. Mixed roof zinc and double glazing with solar control. 1000 to 1500 euros the m2 for big surfaces. France Veranda.

France Veranda

8. An ultra-modern, flat-roofed veranda

With this beautiful flat roof and this trendy taupe color, Komilfo signs a resolutely contemporary veranda. Its advantages ? The thermolaquage of the veranda guaranteed 25 years and benefiting from the Qualicoat, Qualimarine, and Qualinod labels, pledges of a real holding of the aluminum in the time.

Veranda with flat roof. Aluminum profiles (60 mm) with thermal break. VOC emissions: A + ranking. For more customization, we can choose its type of roof (insulation panel or glass), the type of rafters of its roof, all in a choice of 16 colors. Price on estimate. Komilfo.


9. An exotic wooden veranda, kit

A veranda without breaking the bank? This is possible with Veranda Market kits, manufactured in England by one of the largest manufacturers and guaranteed for 10 years even if you ask them yourself. Panels, glazing, roofing, double door, dowels, screws, silicone ... Everything is included and delivered home, with the bonus of laying tips.

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Traditional veranda 20 to put on walls. Porch kit PVC / aluminum and exotic wood. Modular porch: we can place the door and opening in the veranda where we want. (we receive the plan of the walls for the desired configuration). Surface: 6 x 3 meters. Pre-glazed panels, glazing 28 mm. 25 mm polycarbonate roof panels. Double door with quality lock. 6,510 euros. Veranda Market.

Market Veranda

10. A conservatory in harmony with the environment

This extension was made on an old building in gilded stones, close to Lyon. In this veranda, totally open to the garden and the nature, the contrast of the traditional stones perfectly matches with the contemporary structure and has seduced the amateur owners of design. The gray color of the veranda responds to that of the shutters, for a perfect integration into the landscape.

Verandome Borneo, rectangular veranda with flat roof and dome with 4 slopes. Peripheral gutter equipped with the softline enhancement. Dome: Veranco tubular aluminum structure with integral thermal break. Skypane double glazing. Lighting integrated in the chevrons of the dome of Verandome (optional). Flat part: Veranco tubular aluminum structure, thermally insulated with a 62 mm thick "sandwich panel" and equipped on the outside with a membrane that seals the entire roof. Gutter: tubular aluminum veranco with peripheral linear overflow. Interior ceiling: 25 mm thick aluminum insulating panels, satin-matt white finish with silky appearance. Price on estimate. Veranco.


11. A bioclimatic veranda, which dominates the ocean

Lying against the north facade of the renovated home in a neo-Basque style, this flat-roofed aluminum extension enlarges the existing living room through a wide opening in the facade. Sliding windows with large glazed areas facilitate the transition between inside and out, and provide access to the large terrace, garden and pool. This model is also one of the few flat roof extensions whose design is certified by the Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB). A guarantee of quality and the certainty of benefiting from a high level of insulation and comfort, for this veritable bioclimatic veranda that uses the resources of its environment to minimize its energy consumption and thus minimize its ecological footprint.

Aluminum extension of 13.44 m2, designed by the company ASD West, partner Vérancial in Vendée. Extens'k Compact model with roller shutters, made in a light gray to match the door frames and shutters of the house. Aluminum profiles with thermal break and double glazing with low emissivity, shutters remote remotely controllable. Recessed spots in the false ceiling. Price on estimate. Vérancial.

Vérancial, photographer Xavier Boymond

12. A kitchen in my veranda

Connection of 3 existing buildings, this veranda allowed the creation of a particularly bright kitchen, with part of the roof open on the outside. Most ? The delicacy of the aluminum profiles that integrate perfectly with existing buildings and exposed stones.

Vérand'atelier. Black sandblasted color. Solar control glazing. Price on estimate. Renoval.


13. A veranda in wood, authentic and design

The charm of wood is here combined with the modernity and comfort of the facilities. Indeed, all devices related to safety standards, insulation and ventilation are integrated by Vie & Véranda during the design of the project. Result? A kitchen open to nature and equipped with a centerpiece, a large contemporary island center that allows cooking with views of nature.

Camelia veranda in 2-sided wood. Universe extension. 6 standard colors. Finishing: Ebenista and Imprint. Dimension: made-to-measure 10 years warranty. Engineered wood structure (spruce). Slate or slate roofing with high density insulation panels with white finish. Sliding and fixed frames with thermal break white lacquered. Glazing 28 mm. Options: laminated glazing, 6 clear granite glazing, enhanced protection SP10, Sun glazing, 10 clear. Saint Gobain glazing, Sherwin Williams wood stains. Certifications Qualicoat (lacquering), Cekal (glazing) and PEFC (wood). Price on estimate, from 1800 euros per m2 excluding masonry work. Life & Veranda.

Life & Veranda

14. An aluminum conservatory, between tradition and modernity

The detail that makes the difference? The porch of this porch is high enough to hide the slope of the roof (5% minimum) and give the model looks like a flat roof veranda. A modern cornice that emphasizes the graphic side of the model, and a classic structure, including roof rafters bringing ceiling height and style. A nice mix of genres ...

Veranda Esprit, 3 types of cornices with straight and fluid lines. Can be equipped with or without blinds hidden in the cornice. Wide range of interior and exterior colors. From 800 euros the m2, posed. Curtain.


15. A black veranda with workshop spirit

By focusing on intense black, this veranda brings a trendy touch to this Breton stone house and welcomes a new dining area. With its deep black aluminum joinery accented with vertical crossbars and full plinths, the extension gives the new piece a modern workshop spirit.

Veranda of 28 m2 backed on the stone facade. Vérancial Partner: Tercy Levillain, Saint-Malo (35). Aluminum joinery in deep black (RAL 9005). Sliding 3 rails 3 leaves which open in large on the terrace and the living room of garden. On the tubular roof, opaque panels alternate with glazed areas, creating skylights that naturally illuminate the veranda. When the brightness is low, 14 halogen spots directly integrated into the roof provide artificial lighting. Price on estimate. Vérancial.

Vérancial, photographer Claude Maurech