Gray: the right color combinations


Gray: the right color combinations

Little Greene

Became timeless and timeless, the Grey is here favorite color in the House. With the ability to adapt to (almost) all styles and desires, gray is a chameleon. Along with pastel tones, it creates a soft atmosphere and childlike. Sublimated by dark colors, it becomes intense with a strong character. Very easy to handle, the gray is easy to approach and can be an opportunity to embark on the color mixing. No risk of being wrong, he goes with everything! Discover the whole gray personality and the perfect tones for a bold color wedding.

With its soft style, the gray gets in everywhere in the house. On the ground, on a floor, a vinyl covering or a tiling and on the wall, with a painting or a wallpaper, it adapts according to the desires. In abundance or discretion, the gray likes in the decoration. Follow some ideas to mix it with different shades and reveal all its character.

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Gray, what is it?

Easy to associate, the gray has established itself as a timeless, neutral and indestructible. "The gray is a matte color and full of nuances at once," says Sophie Baggio, communication officer for the 1825 paintings, "Théodore Collection." It is a neutral tone that can be associated with any color. a reassuring side with low risk taking. " Both in accessories and on walls, gray is often tinged with some blue, red or black.

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With pastel colors, gray goes perfectly!

Leroy Merlin

Some references for gray

In painting:

The pale gray, like a watercolor, Sketch (Tollens) or the dull gray Stalagmite (Tollens). Softer, the gray Voile de Mist (Dulux Valentine) or the gray Eminence of Sarah Lavoine (Ressource). Neutral and without reflection, Shark (Paintings 1825, Théodore Collection) is a real gray. Lead Gray 117 (Little Greene) is both matte and intense.

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In wallpaper:

Obsolete and shades of gray with Stag Canvas wallpaper - Moss (Little Greene). More contemporary, we love Cloudy (Well-Done) dreamlike wallpaper.

Stag Canvas Wallpaper - Moss, Little Greene.

Little Greene

In a kitchen:

Matt and anthracite way, the Moove kitchen (Goal) plays the design card. Family home atmosphere with a light gray in the kitchen Chipster (Neptune).

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Gray is also inviting in the kitchen! Chichester wood and steel kitchen, Neptune.


In decoration:

Mysterious and intense, the Nora (Bo Concept) tableware collection has a minimalist ambience. In the bedroom, the bed linen color anthracite (Number 74) cradles the nights of large and small.

Minimalist and chic, the Nora collection by Bo Concept is available in gray.

Bo Concept

Gray, we like it ...

For a trendy atmosphere, the gray is inviting in the house surrounded by pastel colors. "The neutral and clear gray blends with blush pink, pale yellow, ice blue and all pastel shades for a Nordic side, a soft and childish decoration," decrypts Sophie Baggio.

Decline of pastel around gray, 1825 Paintings Théodore Collection.

Paintings 1825 Theodore Collection

Gray invites itself into a romantic living room.

Colombe Marciano

Discover more photos of this stay restructured and redecorated by the decorator Colombe Marciano

In another version, gray is associated with dark colors for a more intense character. "A midnight blue, a burgundy red, a mustard yellow or a dark green are legitimate next to a medium or cold gray for a decor in the air," says Sophie Baggio.

With gray, the dark colors are revealed, (Gray Poplin Paint, Astrakhan Gray, Bolero Red, Tin Wire, Dulux Valentine).

Dulux Valentine

With a strong color like yellow, gray becomes more intense.

Coralie Vasseur

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Gray in practice

Neutral color, the gray associates preferably with another color, more supported, for a marriage of character. With many shades, you first choose the strongest shade (dark green, garnet red, etc.) and then determine the proper gray.

In the decor, he "match" often by three. "If you are afraid of being wrong, it is better to associate the gray with its parent color (blue, for example, if the gray is blue) and another color, more daring, like yellow," advises Sophie Baggio. On walls, kitchen furniture or sofa cushions, gray can be a neutral decorative base or a soothing touch in a more colorful interior.

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With a color like blue, bluish gray is a very good choice. He may be awakened (or not) by a third color.

Batiik Studio

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With gray, we avoid ...

For a trendy decor, we avoid using gray alone, at the risk of creating a dull interior. We prefer to wake him up with another shade. Unless you choose dark, in a declination for a room, for example.

In a cozy room, dark gray is a coveted option.

Paintings 1825 Théodore Collections

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