Mix floors for a very deco interior


Mix floors for a very deco interior

Bertrand Fompeyrine

To delimit without partitioning or simply bring rhythm to the decor, combining flooring in the same room is a pro trick. Old-style tiles and parquet, cement tiles and waxed concrete, colored flooring and tiled floors ... All combinations are possible provided they are well combined.

Want an original and personalized floor? Why not mix two or three different coatings? From the living room to the bathroom, through the kitchen or the entrance, in every room the floors meet and mix with audacity. In materials, as in color, the interlocking floors revitalize your interior and bring a new graphic line to awaken the decor. The pro Maison Côté Projects have understood this trend and combine the coatings to boost their achievements. See instead.

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1. A living room that mixes floor coverings

Two floors radically opposed, tiling on one side and woven covering, on the other, dialogue in this living room. Tinted gray mouse kitchen side, the relaxation area has opted for a tone marronnée. Since both have plain colors, matt coatings can be combined. Between fire and ice, the floors of this space play the card of contrast!

Sophie Zaghdoun

More pictures of this apartment of the Champs-Elysées realized by the decorator Sophie Zaghdoun

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2. A bathroom between parquet and graphic cement tiles

The floor and its timeless grain also loves vintage floors! In this bathroom, the printed floor has a very 60's geometric pattern. A bias tempered by the choice of natural hues - between beige, cream and woody notes - that create a unity in the immaculate room. An association between wood and retro lining also embodied by the pale yellow armchair.

Delphine Queme

More pictures of this Parisian apartment renovated by the interior architects of Atelier Daaa

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3. Three tiles for the price of one!

Why choose when we can have everything? From the kitchen to the living room, no less than three tiles intertwine in this house. Large gray tiles, small cream squares and even burgundy tiles, the tile mixes sizes and even colors! A melting pot that remains consistent, since it consists of the same type of coating. A graphic trick to transit between universes without difficulties.

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Bertrand Fompeyrine

Bertrand Fompeyrine

More pictures of this house renovated by the architects of Boclaud Architecture

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4. Cement tiles meet wax concrete

No need to choose between vintage and modern! In this bright living room, cement tiles have been laid to reinforce the resolutely retro fiber of the decor. To highlight this bold-colored coating, a pearl gray concrete was poured. Cement tiles add volume and momentum to the room, while waxed concrete unifies the kitchen, living room and dining areas. A union well thought!

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Nicolas Aubert Maguero

More photos of this living space restructured and redecorated by the interior architects of the agency maéma architectes

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5. Tiled carpet and wood floor in the entrance

Like a printed carpet, the tiles are embedded in the floor of the entrance. Framed by vertical wooden slats that reinforce this carpet spirit, the gray and white tiles make up the centerpiece of this passage space. The combination of this floor and the floor sets the tone for the rest of the decor. Enter wood keys and shades of gray, the entrance to this apartment reflects the bold choice of its floor with two coatings.

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Roberta Donatini

More pictures of this bright apartment in the Marais realized by the interior architects of Batiik Studio

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6. Parquet and tomettes of yesteryear in the haussmannian salon

This Parisian apartment proves that the seal of the old works even better for two! The parquet floor of Hungary and the tomettes of origin marry naturally. These two floors of authenticity, these floors maintain the old look and raw materials. Evidence that tomettes can also mix with other types of coatings.

Julien Fernandez

More pictures of this old Bordeaux apartment renovated by FusionD interior designers

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7. Natural cladding flirts with artificial soil

In an attic room, rely on contrasting floors to differentiate spaces without partitioning. Under the eaves, natural materials are also combined with artificial coatings. Thus, the seagrass is confronted with anthracite tiling, to delimit the night area of ​​the bathroom. The colors of the floors, like their textures, are in every respect. What to create two universes in one.

Pascal Simonin

More pictures of this apartment restructured by architect Aurélie Nicolas

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8. The floors mix in the bathroom

In the bathroom with antique furniture, the parquet herringbone has swapped its honey color to the same gray as that of the tile with large slabs. If the floor has been repainted, it is to better unify the body of water and promote the transition between the diagonals of the wood and the lines of the tiles. An aesthetic choice, but also practical, the tile is more suitable for wet rooms.

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More pictures of this Haussmanian apartment renovated by the interior designers from Atelier Daaa

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9. A pearly border between two gray tiles

Declining the same palette of colors, from anthracite gray to mouse gray, the tiles of this modern kitchen blend in harmony. The originality is provided by a border of pearly tiles that marks the transition between the two types of tiles. Brilliant, this coating brings an opulent touch to the kitchen floor. To emphasize the mix of tiles with ease.

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Didier Adam

Didier Adam

More photos of this kitchen renovated by the interior designers of the Idreka agency

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10. Two authentic floors for a classic living room

Parquet herringbone and tiling cabochons of yesteryear simply meet in the living room. Between Haussmannian heritage and codes of the old, the covers testify to the origin of the apartment and these old partitions. The combination of these two floors works perfectly thanks to the woody recall of the furniture of the entrance.

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Bertrand Fompeyrine

More pictures of this apartment renovated by the architects of Boclaud Architecture

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