10 coatings imitation cement tiles


10 coatings imitation cement tiles

Saint Maclou

Want to revamp your interior without undertaking heavy work, and explode the budget? Think about coatings imitation cement tiles ! Vinyl, tiles, wallpaper or adhesive slabs are available in colors and patterns to boost the decor of your home. Discover 10 models of coatings imitation cement tiles to change the mood

Cement tiles dress the floor and also the walls. They easily relook a room in the house but their price remains high. To pimper the decor of your home, choose coatings imitation cement tiles. Adhesive tiles, tile, wallpaper or vinyl, many materials and sizes exist to give free rein to your decorative desires. Discover our selection of 10 models of imitation cement floor and wall tiles, and take the leap of makeover !

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1. Give relief to his kitchen splashback with imitation cement tile stickers


Talavera Classic Style Tile Decoration, Traditional Spanish Tiles, Tile Stickers, 24 Pack, 14.91 Euro,

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2. Dress the floor of the dining room with an imitation cement tile carpet

Saint Maclou

Allegra vinyl rug, 3 sizes available: 61 x 87 cm / 70 x 140 cm / 100 x 140 cm, starting from 45.90 euros, Saint Maclou.

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3. Pimper the house with cheap adhesive slabs imitation cement tile

Chiara Stella Home

ATW vintage adhesive slab, Rose des Vent, set of 11 slabs, 30.5 x 30.5 cm equivalent to 1 m2, 18.95 euros, Chiara Stella Home.

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4. Dare decorative baseboards to pimp the floor


Decorative plinth imitation cement tiles, gray color, dimensions: 100x8cm, 8,90 euros, 4Murs.

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5. Define the kitchen area with vinyl flooring imitation cement tile


Vinyl flooring imitation cement tiles, Provence Creme collection, price on request, Gerflor.

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6. Give style to the counter-steps with decorative adhesive

My baseboard decoration

Set of 5 decorative risers Mozai'k Colors, 100 x 15 cm, 99 euros, My baseboard decoration.

7. Placemats imitation cement tiles

The Great Circus

Tuileries Safran placemat, size: 36 X 48 cm, 16 euros each, Le Grand Cirque.

8. A vinyl rug to dress the kitchen floor

Saint Maclou

Imitation Pigalle cement tiles, 75 x 120 cm, 49,99 euros, Saint Maclou.

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9. An imitation credenza soft cement tile


Credenza alu hood bottom - adhesive strips pastel cement tiles - 60x70 cm or 90x70 cm, from 116,10 euros, Cuisissimo.

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10. Give authenticity to the bathroom with laminate slabs imitating cement tiles

Leroy Merlin

Laminate slab imitation cement tile, ep. 8 mm, Novofloor, 23.95 euros / m2, Leroy Merlin.

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And also ... Dress up the kitchen with tiles like cement tiles


Earthenware imitation antique blue cement tiles, 59.6 x 59.6 cm, price on request, Porcelanosa / Tile of Spain.

Install vinyl imitation cement tiles to revamp the living room


Vinyl imitation cement tiles, available in 6 decors, 12.90 euros / m2, Tarkett.

Boost the decor with a floor imitation cement tiles cheap

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Saint Maclou

Emotion roll vinyl, width 4 m, ep. 2.50 mm, normal use, 10.99 euros the m2, Saint Maclou.

Install an imitation adhesive cement tile carpet under the dining room table


Vinyl carpet, Beija Flor, imitation cement tiles, 60 x 97 cm / 70 x 120/70 x 180 cm, from 85 euros, sold at Fleux.

... Or revamp your living room with vinyl imitation cement tiles


Vinyl imitation cement tiles Almeria Natural, available in 6 decors, 12.90 euros / m2, Tarkett.

Treat yourself to ultra-deco flooring with cement tiles


Devon tile effect cement tiles, 45 x 45 cm, Ep. 9 mm, 23.50 euros per m2, Lapeyre.

Decorate the dining room with cheap vinyl flooring


Vinyl flooring, Fado Azul, Panama Exotico, from 10.90 euros per roll of 4 m, Gerflor.

Boost bathroom decor with cement tile floor tiles

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Leroy Merlin

Gatsby ARTENS interior porcelain stoneware tile, gray, 20 x 20 cm, 17.95 euros / m2, Leroy Merlin.

Dress the bathroom wall with PVC adhesive coating

The Great Circus

Designer wallpaper composed of geometric patterns in typical stars of cement tiles, gray, black, gray beige (greige), adhesive PVC for wall application, 60 cm wide, height 2m50 for 59 euros, The Great Circus.