[In search of decoration ...] Berber carpets give desires from elsewhere


[In search of decoration ...] Berber carpets give desires from elsewhere

Berber Secret

Kilim, Beni Ouarain, Boucherouite, Azilal ... Whatever the declination, the Berber carpet brings personality, authenticity and cachet to any interior. From their characteristic motifs to their daring colors, they warm up and change the atmosphere ... Go back to the heart of the Berber universe.

From pretty pictures pinned on Pinterest to magazines and deco sites, the ethnic carpet trend did not escape you. Traditionally woven by hand in Morocco, Berber carpets have become essential decorative accessories. Sometimes very colorful, sometimes clear, they invite themselves into northern atmospheres, bohemian and vintage ... Will you succumb?

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The pro love Berber rugs

Elsa Grambert, interior decorator at Dune Decoration with Aurélie Rodriguez, tells us all the good that she thinks chic ethnic rugs. "They are comfortable with all styles and especially vintage furniture and Scandinavian atmospheres. This kind of carpet allows to relax a too contemporary atmosphere and also warms the rough interiors. They express themselves fully in an apartment or a folk house, like bohemian. Their craftsmanship makes them unique and their history allows them to give a soul to your decoration. Berber carpets highlight all types of flooring, parquet and polished concrete head. "

Which ones do you prefer? "The Beni Ouarain - white carpets with gray or black graphic patterns - are the easiest to adopt, Kilim gradually replace the traditional Persian rugs and thus find their place in classic interiors.But Boucherouite, often very colorful, they are perfect for adding vitamins to a child's room, among others. "

A decorative idea to adopt these carpets without being wrong? "Create an array effect by playing on the accumulation of different patterns, sizes and colors."

What are your good addresses? "The Berber carpet specialists remain Rock the Kilim, Secret Berbère and Fragments, and Sostrene Grene, AM.PM., La Redoute Interiors and Rue de la Déco sign more affordable models. The ideal? Enjoy a stay in Morocco to bring YOUR Berber carpet live from the souk. "

In the lobby, a Berber carpet with pastel patterns softens the mood

Colombe Marciano

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A Berber carpet to warm the living room with glass roof

Paul Bowyer

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A moroccan-inspired carpet to twister a hungarian floor

Sostrene Grene carpet.


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A very cozy Beni Ouarain carpet in the immaculate living room

Bel Ordinary

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Berber carpets in every room of the house!

Avalanche of Berber carpets on Pinterest. From the entrance to the bedroom, through the living room, the dining room and the office, they warm up all living spaces. Among the creators, Berber carpets invite themselves as a souvenir of travel in our interiors. Not to be outdone, the big brands also imagine their Berber-inspired carpets, at very reasonable prices. See more!

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Give style to its attic rustic living room? It's easy as a Berber carpet!

Manja Wachsmuth

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Secret Berbère signs quality carpets with a unique look. Hard to make a choice !

Berber Secret

Without fuss, Beni Ouarain Berber carpet brings a graphic touch to the retro chic atmosphere

Rock the Kilim

At Pimkie, the Berber carpet clings to the wall like a weave

Pimkie Home

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