The secrets of a well-lit room


The secrets of a well-lit room

Broste Copenhagen

Soft lighting when you wake up or at bedtime, indirect lighting or intensity control ... Côté gives you the keys to a well-lit room!

Room of comfort and absolute relaxation, the room requires a soft atmosphere. The light participates in this atmosphere and allows to create a room conducive to sleep. Discover the key tips of Christophe Bresson, director of communication at Philips, to have a suitable brightness. And browse our selection of fixtures that can create a soft atmosphere in the bedroom.

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Which brightness is best for the room?

Christophe Bresson : In the bedroom, always favor a soft light. The body reacts to the brightness and adapts to the environment according to the scattered light. For example, at the end of the day, if the light in the room is cold and intense, it is a signal and the body goes off again for a waking cycle. The color of light is also important. It is preferably warm with a rather yellow hue. It is suitable for low light, which is not the case of cold light.

How can light promote rest and sleep?

C. B. : The idea is to have several bright spots in the room to structure the space. If there is only one fixture in the room, the eye focuses on it and obscures the rest of the room. With a diffuse light, the eye makes the point to infinity with all its bearings, which avoids a certain fatigue.

In the same way, in a dark room, to consult a screen of tablet or smartphone, it is better to have another bright point. An applique, for example, is recommended because it diffuses a beautiful brightness without direct lighting, to banish in the room.

And when we wake up, how can we stimulate our body without jostling it?

C. B. : The body follows the same rhythm as nature. The sun is rising little by little, we should do the same. Nothing worse than lighting the room just woke up! The transition must be smooth. Start by lighting a bedside lamp or a light garland and then light up the rest of the room.

1. A luminary of character in the room

Able to illuminate the room in its entirety, this set of luminous globes signed La Case de Cousin Paul diffuses a beautiful light. The soft and rather dark colors soften the lighting for a delicate atmosphere.

Suspension 3 cupolas, to compose with a panel of colors to the choice, diam. 31/36/43 cm, 149 euros, The Case of Cousin Paul.

The Case of Cousin Paul

2. A streamlined suspension for subdued lighting

Right next to the bed, this suspension is airy and stylish. It allows everyone to have their own light for moments of calm at night. With its clean lines, it blends with dark colors for a subdued atmosphere.

Gerd suspension, rope 1 m, 5 x 9 cm, E27, max 40 w, 44,60 euros and Glow bulb, diam. 9.5 cm, 25 w, 240 v, 3000 hours, 35.70 euros, Broste Copenhagen.

Broste Copenhagen

3. Near the bed, a delicate bedside lamp

Before getting up and at bedtime, the bedside lamp allows our body to make a transition between global lighting and the night. This lamp with raw materials has understood ... It is both neutral and timeless to accompany you gently.

Fresnel lamp, wooden base and glass bell, diam. 24 x H 47 cm, 119,90 euros, Maisons du monde.

Houses of the world

4. Natural spirit for a suspension in the room

In the room, wood and natural materials have the share! Near a reading corner or above the bed, this suspension spreads a light in the room without dazzling. Once extinguished, it remains a deco asset and a pleasure of the eyes.

Suspension in natural rattan and white, H 62 x diam. 45 cm, 149 euros, Bloomingville.


5. A sweet light to make sweet dreams

To create an intermediate light, the frosted glass attenuates the direct lighting and offers a very soft light source. In the bedroom, the bedside lamp rocks us in a state of mind of rest for a moment of calm.

Sinnerlig lamp, frosted glass and cork, H 36 cm, 59,90 euros, Ikea.


6. A colorful bedside lamp for a vitamin revival

Like a touch of color, Mademoiselle Dimanche's bedside lamp offers style to the room. With its graphic patterns, it brings good mood, as soon as you wake up!

Small tripod lamp Fragments, spruce top, lampshade in cotton and linen, 25 x 44 cm, 156 euros, Mademoiselle Dimanche.

Mademoiselle Dimanche

7. Smart lighting for beautiful parties

Smart lights are there to simplify movement when you're in bed. Thanks to an infra-red switch with intensity adjustment, you can soften or increase the brightness by just passing your finger on the base. And after 5 hours without use, the lamp turns off automatically ...

Massaud lamp, designer Jean-Marie Massaud for Wästberg, 340 ° rotating arm, tilting from top to bottom, equipped with an optical diffuser for a better distribution of the light and an infrared switch , double intensity ?, based. The lamp turns off automatically after 5 hours without use. The Massaud lamp is made of aluminum on a silicone base, H 45,9 cm, 590 euros, Kos lighting.

Kos Lighting

8. Minimalism in the bedroom

Nice mix between copper and marble with this bedside lamp of character. Depending on the bulb chosen, it diffuses more or less light to read a good book, listen to music or rest.

Marble lamp and rod in gold metal, diam. 10 x H 25 cm, 59.90 euros, Cyrillus.