Kitchen open to the dining room: the 10 mistakes to avoid


Kitchen open to the dining room: the 10 mistakes to avoid


The open kitchen on the dining room meets the desire of a house where life is good, friendly and warm. Today, it is a must and is a frequent request to professionals, regardless of the space available. In a small apartment or a large villa, the kitchen open to the dining room is thought of with care. The arrangement requires a real reflection, at the risk of creating a poorly organized kitchen and an unwelcoming dining room. Discover the 10 mistakes to avoid in an open kitchen on the dining room and expert solutions to design a nice room.

In the heart of the house, the kitchen is now a living space in its own right. This is where we like to meet with family or friends. In a kitchen open to the dining room, style side, two options are possible. The kitchen can be relayed in the background, quite discreet and minimalist with neutral colors, few furniture and placed at the bottom. Conversely, the kitchen can be treated as an integral part of the dining room. Olivia Clor, interior designer, says: "It is then worked with a perfect finish.The idea is to extend the style of the dining room, not to cook dinner." Follow her advice and those of Carla Lopez, Transition Interior Design, for well arrange a kitchen open to the dining room.

Mistake # 1: Ignore the odor problem

With guests around the table or for everyday meals, it's never nice to have strong smells when you're eating. "It's the major risk of a kitchen open to the dining roomCarla Lopez summarizes: Some people never cook, others are always behind the stove: the situation is different depending on the personality and habits of the owners.

- The solution : "there are very good hoods to fight odors", says the interior designer of Transition Interior Design.An investment on this side is necessary if you cook a lot.Think also the odors of the refrigerator that are not welcome either ...

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Error # 2: opt for a laboratory kitchen

In a kitchen open to the dining room, the two rooms are associated and the style of one has an impact on the atmosphere of the other. With a kitchen a little cold, the dining room quickly becomes austere and uncomfortable. "A laboratory kitchen or chef's kitchen is sanitized, without charm," says Olivia Clor, "white also has a too basic side."

- The solution : with the desire to bring a certain charm, "the idea is to extend the spirit of the dining room, offers Olivia Clor. We prefer pastel colors or dark tones that bring a certain cachet. A beautiful worktop, granite, Silestone or stone, a terrazzo style or imitation stone is also a smart investment. The choice is very wide and the colors varied. We must not confine ourselves to the work plans proposed by the cooks! "

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For a convivial dining kitchen, one prefers an assertive style and one avoids the laboratory side, too sanitized (realization Transition Interior Design).

Transition Interior Design

Mistake # 3: poorly organized storage (and do not plan enough)

Another weak point in an open kitchen, the lack of storage yet very important. Carla Lopez confirms: "When you cook, it's fast and easy, and we do not want family or friends to discover behind the scenes. It must be ensured that there is enough storage, especially if one opts for a kitchen without high furniture. It is essential to reconcile aesthetics and practice. "

- The solution : Before making plans for the kitchen, it is best to list all that the furniture will contain. "The closets and storage should include all the robots, the dishes and the grocery, recalls Olivia Clor. Worktop needs to be cleared to not create a bazaar feeling. "

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Mistake # 4: Lay out the kitchen with too many appliances

In a kitchen open to the dining room, home appliances - as design as it is - is often unsightly. It refers to a technical and cool the dining room. Not to mention that it can have unpleasant side effects: odors for the refrigerator, noise for the dishwasher or the hood, etc.

- The solution : "we prefer an integrated refrigerator behind a facade for continuity of style, advises Olivia Clor. The rest of the appliances should be placed preferably back to the dining room while remaining accessible. One can imagine a small wall 110 cm high to restructure the space, put outlets and install furniture or appliances. Ideally, it is expected a storeroom to tidy up all that !"

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Error # 5: Install the cooktop and sink in the wrong place

Even while respecting the triangle of activity, plates and sink may be misplaced in a kitchen open to the dining room and hinder the party reception. "The sink and the hob do not settle in the foreground in a kitchen open to the dining room, advises Carla Lopez. If you opt for an island, you should also avoid placing the hobs where people will end up. "

- The solution : if you have to put the sink and the plates near a corner bar, for example, small tricks make the space more pleasant. "There are intermediaries, reassures the interior designer of Transition Interior Design.A glass to avoid splashing, a built-in hood going up and down, a double sink to prevent a pile of saucepans climbing, a dishwasher big enough to tidy up as and when, etc. "

Mistake # 6: Want an Island at Any Cost

In a kitchen open to the dining room, the island is now a classic. We like the idea of ​​making final preparations while the rest of the family or friends have a drink and participate. It is an asset for usability but the island is not always adapted to the kitchen. "It eats a lot of space, especially in small apartments," says Carla Lopez.

- The solution : "the island must be well treated and thought with real utility, advises the professional." According to the layout of the kitchen, it can bring more storage and a part work plan, always practical.

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In a kitchen open to the dining room, the island must have a real utility to have all its legitimacy (Achievement Transition Interior Design).

Transition Interior Design

Mistake # 7: Getting all the attention on the kitchen

We rarely want the kitchen to be put forward in a dining room. "In this case, we try tointegrate the kitchen into the dining room and not the other way around, notes Carla Lopez. She must be quite soberunless you treat her kitchen as a separate piece. "

- The solution : "If the kitchen is very close to the dining room, the best is to favor light colors, advises Carla Lopez. If you want to attract attention, you can play on dark colors, cement tiles, a credence of character, stylish handles, a collection of jars, daring motifs, etc. "

Mistake # 8: forget all the qualities of lighting in a kitchen-dining room

Beyond being a trump card, lighting fixtures have a role in structuring space. They are to think carefully, at the risk of getting a cold atmosphere and a dining room uncomfortable. "Light has a direct impact on the atmosphere and the dining room space needs an element for mark the area, otherwise, the table floats a bit, "notes Olivia Clor.

The solution : "you can drop a suspension or a huge chandelier above the table in the dining room or island, suggests Carla Lopez. In the evening, it is a soft and pleasant light for a convivial dinner. "In the kitchen space, the light is also important." With several switches for different light points, the room can also be equipped with spotlights with dimmers, offers Olivia Clor. It is necessary to prepare and eat with good light. And that adds charm! "

In an open kitchen, the luminaires allow to have an optimal lighting but also to structure the space dining room (realization Agency Olivia Clor).


Mistake # 9: Absolutely want a kitchen open to the dining room

Having a fully open kitchen is not not always a good idea ! There are many options for creating space in separating kitchen and dining room, without partitioning them in a radical way.

- The solution : in the mood of time, the canopies are a good way to separate a kitchen from the dining room without isolating it. But there are many other ideas. "Some kitchens can be semi-open with a cloisonné partition, for example, "imagine Carla Lopez.

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Mistake # 10: Choosing an inappropriate dining room table

In a kitchen open to the dining room, the table is the centerpiece and it sets the tone. "I do not recommend glass tables which make disappear the dining room, warns Olivia Clor. You can see the kitchen or what's around. "

- The solution : "in order to delimit the space, better bet on a style asserted, adapted according to the character of the room, says the interior designer. An imposing and massive table or finer if the kitchen-dining room is more cramped. "