12 decoration rooms with a stove


12 decoration rooms with a stove

Pinterest Inspiration The wood stove Raise the temperature! Whether it is traditional cast iron, that it sports ultra-modern lines, that it dresses of white or black, the wood stove comes warm up the living room decoration. Here is a hot selection of the most beautiful living experiences equipped with a stove.

First designed for heating your home, the wood stove can quickly become a decorative piece of furniture for the living room. To prove it to you, we found on Pinterest 12 photos of a living room or a living room equipped witha design stove or more traditional.

1. A black wood stove design with a Scandinavian style decor - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: the modern black stove contrasts with the Scandinavian-style decor of the salon where white and purity reign supreme. An installation that thoroughly seduces the editor of Côté Maison!

Photo of Solebich via Pinterest

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2. Style insert fireplace to bring warmth to a raw deco

Justthedesign - Tumblr - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: this fireplace with insert instantly warms this decor very bare and minimalist. This heating mode, whose duct is hidden by a rough concrete wall, blends in perfectly with the industrial style of this living room with a view.

Photo of Justthedesign via Pinterest

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3. A modern wood burning stove in a trendy loft style lounge - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: the aluminum colored duct and the black stove contrast nicely with the brick wall. This show plays the card of the loft-industrial style with the combination of raw and trendy materials, and it really seduces us!

Photo of Dwell via Pinterest

4. A mini wood stove takes the place of the fireplace in a contemporary living room - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: the mini black wood stove highlighted in the site formerly dedicated to the fireplace. Surrounded by logs, it blends in perfectly with the decor of this contemporary lounge.

Photo by via Pinterest

5. A design wood stove that plays with the ceiling height of the living room - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: install a contemporary black wood stove with vertiginous duct that marries the beautiful height under ceiling of this large contemporary living room with white walls.

Photo via Pinterest

6. A traditional cast iron stove in a chic country living room - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: bet on authenticity, and choose a traditional black cast iron stove that blends beautifully into the decor of the trendy country chic lounge. The marble frame of the original fireplace is preserved for a beautiful effect of style.

Photo via Pinterest

7. An all black wood stove that contrasts with the white decor - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: play on the contrast of the black stove and the white decor. Here, the owners have relied on a black wood stove that blends into the original fireplace decor, also painted black, and a contemporary atmosphere where white and light wood hold the spotlight, for a contrast of more charming!

Photo of Vickys Home via Pinterest

8. A beige cast iron wood stove for a living room spirit "family home" - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: melt the wood stove in the living room decor. Here, the traditional cast iron wood stove was chosen in beige color to go with the decor of the living room spirit "family home" dressing soft and relaxing shades.

Photo via Pinterest

9. A black design wood stove to sublimate the living room where the epure is queen - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: choose the wood stove as the show's star. Here, in this very refined lounge, the black design wood stove is the decorative touch. It contrasts with the ubiquitous white Scandinavian style living room.

Photo of Dfgirlbybay via Pinterest

10. A traditional stove highlighted in a living room wit jug - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: install a wood stove that comes out of the decor of the living room. Here, the traditional white cast iron stove contrasts with the rough wooden walls and the brown marble frame of the fireplace. The owners have installed a white designer chair for a reminder of the hue of the heating mode. They really hold the spotlight.

Photo via Pinterest

11. A contemporary wood stove for a classic living room, campaign spirit

Ray Stafford - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: play the contemporary card by installing a more modern wood stove on the site of an old fireplace. In this classic setting with exposed beams, it blends perfectly despite everything.

Photo of Ray Stafford via Pinterest

12. A silver design stove for a moment of relaxation on a cozy armchair - View on Pinterest.

The good idea: install the woodstove near the reading corner. Here, with its chic contemporary look, it warms up the moment of relaxation by the fireside.

Photo of Homegirllondon via Pinterest