I'm not afraid of black in my decor!


I'm not afraid of black in my decor!


Formerly shunned, described as sad or even gloomy, the black is now invited in all rooms and fits with all styles. Like a little black dress, the dark shades remain a safe bet to dress the walls, the floor and the furniture. Côté Maison offers you 10 inspirations to bring black into your decor.

Raven Black, Charcoal Black or Liquorice, dark colors are needed in our interiors. As contemporary as it is elegant, black brings a touch of timeless sobriety to any decor. In a matte, glossy or lacquered version, the dark palette covers the house from floor to ceiling. Proof in pictures.

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1. Dare the black paint

Applied on a wall, black paint boosts the character of a living room. Far from spoiling the natural brightness, its matte appearance allows to gain depth. Combined with polished concrete flooring or anthracite gray finish, black paint gives an ultra modern look to any space, no matter the style of the furniture. The brico advantage: a matte black paint masks defects more easily.

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Mat black Absolute paint, 55.90 euros the pot of 2L, Dulux Valentine.

Dulux Valentine

2. Pimper the dining room with black ethnic motifs

Go for the black in a room with a chic ethnic look is always a good idea. Color frank, it marries warm tones brought by the different wood species. Juxtaposed with the clear shade of natural jute, the black modernizes the geometric print of the carpet and meets the contemporary choice of suspension. Both wild and modern.

Carpet carbon jute braided hand, from 109 euros. Sideboard Lucrete, walnut veneered particle board, 999 euros. Kristal table in solid oak and tempered glass, 569 euros. Galb chairs in oak or walnut, from 329 euros. AM.PM.


3. Adopt black and white cement tiles in credence in the kitchen

Ultra trendy, cement tiles give charm to any kitchen. In two-tone version, tinted black and white, this coating is gaining in modernity. Black tempers the vintage spirit of cement tiles and adds a graphic dimension to the kitchen area. A credence that matches with contemporary furniture, selected in the same tones.

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Graphic, two-tone black and white tiles adorn the credence of the kitchen. Adhesive wall tile Plaque vintage tiles Bilbao (8 different patchwork patterns), 6,60 euros the plate 23 x 23 cm, Thesmarttiles.


4. Playing with the keys of black in the bedroom

More surprising still, the black is invited in the room. If the total look is to be avoided, why not decline a nuanced palette of pearl gray with intense charcoal? Book black furniture, such as this headboard, or accessories, like fixtures. In small touches, this dark color brings elegance and sobriety, without darkening the space in its entirety.

Undredal bed frame in fiberboard, acrylic paint. Dimensions: Length: 210 cm. Width: 151 cm. Footboard height: 43 cm. Headboard height: 154 cm. Mattress dimensions: length 200 cm x width 140 cm. Foot of the bed: beech or solid birch. Headboard foot: solid birch. 299 euros. Ikea.


5. Matte black and lacquered mixer in a lookée kitchen

No-fault insurance if you adopt kitchen furniture all black dressed! Thanks to its dark tone, black likes to associate with its opposites as shiny metals, gold or copper. The good idea? Mix finishes between matt and lacquered furniture. The choice of black makes it possible to harmonize and delay the different coatings. For an elegant kitchen, an opulent strand.

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Melia DL facades, black matt varnished and black lacquered metal shiny and Delight H, veneer decor Zébrano, profile without handle black finish / Fenix ​​laminate worktop black matte and black structured / Ingenious, the hood allows to have a storage space additional. From 6,552 euros. Mobalpa.


6. Build a black industrial canopy

Powerful, black and steel meet in this dining room. Indispensable for industrial decoration, the studio canopy adds character and charm to this interior. Its dark look boosts the rustic silhouette of the central table, while responding to the style of reclining lights. Halfway between country house spirit and industrial atmosphere.

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Creative glass roof in thermo-lacquered steel H. 120 or 150 cm x L. 34; 67,5 or 100 cm - Price: from 239 euros - Swing doors: H. 204 x L. 80 or 90 cm - Price: from 999 euros - Impostes: H. 45 x L. 80 or 90 cm- Price: from 199 euros - Partitions: H. 249 x L. 67.5 or 100 cm- Price: from 849 euros.


7. Twist the Scandinavian decor with black

If the Nordic style is often associated with pastel colors, nothing prevents you to boost the atmosphere of the living room with a touch of black decor. A geometrically cut lamppost, typical of the Scandinavian trend, gains character when it takes on a raven hue. Its black shades, very clean, lets the light through with its openwork look. For a cozy but graphic atmosphere.

Origami floor lamp in black metal H 193 cm, 149,90 euros, Maisons du monde.

Houses of the world

8. Say yes to black and white tiles in the kitchen

Originals, printed tiles energize the total black and white look like this kitchen. Inspired by ethnic motifs, this coating brings an unexpected graphic touch to the surrounding classic ambiance. The matte appearance of black temporizes the character of the tiles and allows to integrate it without difficulty to the rest of the furniture. Harmonious.

Tile "Classic", black and white cement tile look, glazed porcelain stoneware, 27.99 euros per m2, Saint-Maclou.

Saint Maclou

9. Succeed at the liquorice sofa in the living room

Classical classics, the black sofa agrees with all atmospheres. Its deep tone is enhanced by the choice of a velvety fabric, a soft texture that contrasts with the smooth materials of the coffee table and TV cabinet. Decorated with care, the living room plays the card of simplicity with these shades of liquorice, limestone and wood. For a warm modern space.

Mezzo corner sofa in black fabric, from 5139 euros, BoConcept.


10. Boost a country atmosphere with black furniture

Shift the codes of a traditional dining room with dark hues! Black lacquered, bistro chairs find a second youth. Their retro cut is moderated by the shiny appearance of black. What to blow a wind of modernity in the countryside atmosphere of this dining area. An elegant colorful contrast with the natural wood of the table, at lunch time.

The Authentic Style table, from 269 euros, La Redoute Interiors. The lot of 2 Troket chairs, 278 euros, La Redoute Interiors. The Haru suspension, 119.99 euros, La Redoute Interiors.

The Redout Interiors