Moving alone and without stress



It's proven, the move is stressful. You want to move alone without movers pro, but the test you anguish? Breathe! We give you the 10 keys to a Zen move ...

Every year, more than 3 million removals in France. An event "banal" when we know that on average, a French moves 4.6 times in his life. However, the move is not really a friend we appreciate. According to the IFOP (French Institute of Public Opinion), the move is, behind mourning and dismissal, the third source of stress. An increased stress factor when you choose to move alone, without the help of professionals. However, it is for this solution that 2/3 of French opts. We are never better served than by ourselves? Perhaps, but not immune to a crisis of anxiety. Our advice for a Zen move ...

1. Anticipate the move

Except in case of force majeure, a move is rarely planned the day before for the next day. First thing to do, stall a date. Even if you move on a weekend, you will be less likely to find yourself alone on D-Day by warning friends and family a month in advance. Take the opportunity to compare offers from utilities rental agencies.

2. Spot the places where you are going

Your new nest, you know it in every nook and cranny, but what about the hall, the staircase and the elevator, if it's an apartment? Will things like the refrigerator go through without a hitch? If this is not the case, you will have to rent a furniture lift, which will considerably increase the bill. Count between 350 € and 600 € for the day. And the outside? Is it easy to park without obstructing traffic? So many questions to ask if you want to move serenely.

3. Estimate your needs

Inadequate cartons, too little pickup truck, salty bill ... To avoid unpleasant surprises, many sites, like Moving Alone and Housing, propose to calculate the volume to move and estimate the cost of his move.

4. To be well equipped

Checklist of essential equipment:
- new boxes, stronger than the "second hand", and not too big to avoid overloading them and facilitate their movement,
- Scotch,
- bubble wrap for fragile objects,
- a marker,
- a flat cart.

5. Choosing the perfect van

The volume to be moved estimated, you now know the size of van that you will need. As for the choice of the rental agency, several criteria are to be taken into account. First of all the distance to travel, some agencies offer rates per day, others on time. It's up to you to see which of these solutions seems best suited to your situation and your wallet. Note, the rates of rental agencies are lower the week than the weekend.

6. Well-made cards

If possible, spreading the cardboard preparation is always better and above all less stressful than doing it in an emergency the day before the move. To facilitate their transport, take care not to overload your cartons. Sorting by category (dishes, books, bed linen ...) and label them well avoids having to relocate them and find where are the towels among the fifty or so cards arranged to go quickly in the living room. On each cardboard, think of indicating the contents and the piece of destination, the direction of opening and especially the fragile mention when it is necessary to avoid breakage.

7. Sort smart before the move (and not after!)

A move is often an opportunity to clean up your belongings. No need to take business that you can not see in painting anymore. If the idea of ​​throwing you is horrifying, you can always try to sell your goods, or do a good job by offering them to associations.

8. Load logic

As a matter of common sense, the heavier objects and cartons are loaded first, and placed on the ground. To ensure the balance of the van distribute the weight fairly on both sides.

9. Unloading organized

If you keep some of your furniture, you can think about where you want it to be placed. Thus, the day D you will only have to deposit them on what will be their final place. You can create a layout plan that will be useful for guiding people who will help you when unloading.

10. On the formalities side

The government offers an online address change service and allows you to declare, free of charge, on the internet, your change of address to several organizations of your choice such as EDF, the Caf, the Post Office ...