Painting: 14 ideas to revamp an old apartment


Painting: 14 ideas to revamp an old apartment


Classic style and timeless or rather original and offbeat? Painting gives a second life to an old apartment. By keys, on a wall or floor-to-ceiling, discover 14 tracks to give a different air to your decoration.

With a parquet floor, moldings and high ceilings, an old apartment already has a certain charm. Painting and colors bring another style. Sometimes neutral and soft, in white, linen or gray, shades switch into more assertive shades, in duck blue, pink or natural green. According to the desires, the painting is applied in a measured way, on a piece of wall, or in the whole room for an offset decoration in an old apartment. Browse 14 ideas to bring a new look to your decor and choose the color you like!

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Timeless colors

1. A warm white for a cozy old apartment

In contrast to its clean and contemporary reputation, white also interferes in a traditional style apartment. With a more muted paint, it brings a warm style in a room with moldings and a beautiful parquet point of Hungary.

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Gray Paint Hand D10-b matte, 32 euros the pot of 1 liter, Pure and Paint.

Pure and Paint

2. Deep blue in a convivial dining room

In the dining room, the sustained blue paint enhances the atmosphere and plunges the room into a cozy atmosphere. In continuity with the wood on the floor, the blue refines a traditional style, far from being cheesy. An imposing light and trendy furniture complete the decor.

Alpha Universal Satin paint, 21.85 euros per liter, Sikkens.


3. Gray paint for a nice high ceiling

With its neutral appearance, the light gray is a guarantee of softness and a timeless style. If he brings his touch and his character, it remains classic and avoids weariness over the years. A marry with a beautiful wooden floor or a cement tile floor, he likes in an old apartment.

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Bohemian ground paint, matte velvety, from 33.60 euros the pot of 0.75 liter pot of deep matte acrylic paint, clay.

Clay (Isabelle Bouchet, Architect, and Daphne Bengoa, Photographer)

4. A shades of green for an old apartment and deco

In an entrance or even a living room, a painting in different shades of green sign a decor in the air. Color is synonymous with nature and a certain sense of well-being in an apartment. It comes in two shades for a perfect wedding.

Intense Thyme and Melisse Serein painting, collection Colors of the Senses, 38 euros per liter, Master in Color.

Master in Color

5. A luminous painting in a classic decor

With their high ceilings, the old apartments often benefit from great brightness. As much accentuate with pure white, along the walls and ceiling. The neutral shade reflects natural light for a living room where life is good.

White paint of white, matte velvet finish, 30 euros the pot of 1 liter, 1825.


6. A sky blue paint for beautiful moldings

At the top of the walls or on the ceiling, it is fashionable to highlight the pretty moldings of an old apartment. The light blue color adds a little cheerfulness to the style of the room, while highlighting all the details. To preserve the beautiful volumes, the painting is applied on the entire wall, door included.

Paint Terre Bleue, matte velvety, from 33.60 euros the pot of 0.75 liter pot of deep matt acrylic paint, Clay.

Clay (Isabelle Bouchet, Architect / Daphne Bengoa, Photographer)

7. Natural color for a smart room

In a child's room, the green is delicate. It can cover a whole section of wall or represent a graphic form, for example, to highlight the old style of the apartment. With a clear linen, he draws a fresh and lively atmosphere at a time.

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Satin yellow green paint, Attitude range, formula A +, cleans indoor air, available in 52 standard colors (satin, shiny, sparkling) and 936 shades in tinting machine, available in 0.5 liter, 1 liter, 2.5 liters and testers 75 ml, from 26.90 euros per liter, Ripolin.


Bold colors

8. A pink paint for a soothing old living room

With its feminine style and worked finishes, the rose creates a charming living room in an old apartment. Thanks to a declination in two shades, the painting also structures the space and gives relief to the walls and the openings.

Pink collection painting, Dorchester Pink Mid 286 + Dorchester Pink 21, Absolute Mate Emulsion finish, 42 euros per liter, Little Greene.

Little Greene

9. A blue cabin in a multifunction room

A few times reduced, the old apartments require a little ingenuity! In a medium-sized room, the paint and its colors can draw a beautiful cabin like a bed XXL for the nights pajamas.

Small sailor painting, Color cream, Blue gray paint, Matte color cream and Slate blue paint, Matte color cream, from 18.95 euros the 0.5 liter jar, Dulux Valentine.

Dulux Valentine

10. Wedding of blue and green in an intimate old living room

With the wind on the rise, the green adapts very well to the old style. Vegetable green or green almost blue, these shades twisting the traditional side with a new breath. We like the idea of ​​not covering the wall all the way up to highlight the assets of the apartment.

Painting walls Yucatan B30-f (MAT) and Baltic woodwork painting B34-f (VELOUTÉ), from 32 euros the pot of 1 liter, Pure and Paint.

Pure and Paint

11. A green wall halfway up for a creative apartment

A little in-out, the green invites nature inside. Instead of just a classic application, bet on a real personality with an original painting. The border between the two colors is far from linear or perfect but it assumes a unique decor.

Soft Green Paint, MAT Color Cream, Marine Green Paint, Valenite Lacquer, Tenderly Green Paint, Color resist, from € 18.95 the 0.5 liter jar, Dulux Valentine.

Dulux Valentine

12. A soft pink paint for a decorative paneling

A favorite of old apartments, paneling often hides an obsolete wall. Instead of leaving it natural, opt for a touch of femininity with a light pink paint. With some touches of wood or white, the Scandinavian style is drawn gently.

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Subtle Saffron shades and Saffron Tender, Colors Senses collection, 38 euros per liter, Master in Color.

Master in color

13. Duck blue paint in a colorful apartment

In an old apartment, the blue walls enhance a floor made of cement tiles or solid parquet. With its strong character, it creates a room to live in color and very warm. For a real continuity in the apartment, the color is also extended in the living area.

Peacock paint, matte velvet finish, 30 euros the 1 liter pot, 1825.


14. Original colors for a custom style

Around a beautiful chimney diverted, a dull blue wall highlights the charm of this old apartment. The idea in addition: to emphasize the whole with complaints painted in yellow. A touch of clarity and cheerfulness in an old apartment brought up to date.

Painting Mister David 47 (yellow) and Woad 251 (blue), Absolute Mate Emulsion finish, 42 euros per liter; Wallpapers wallpaper London Wallpapers IV, model Broadwick St, colors Balsam, 113 euros the roll in 52 cm x 10 meters, Little Greene.

Little Greene