Dream Houses

Modern Longère in Belle-Ile

Nicolas Matheus

In Belle-Île, this contemporary farmhouse completely dressed in glass detonates in a place that is not used to so much modernism. But the house has been able to integrate perfectly with its environment.

Imagine a house that was cut into slices to insert layers of light, leaving shale and slate in the background. In Belle-Île, this is the successful and explosive project of the architectural firm Opus 5: a contemporary house completely covered in glass!

The sea on the horizon and the beautiful beach of Baluden a stone's throw away, this is the view from the house, while the summer sun is declining from blue to pink, from purple to lavender ... In Belle-Île, a preserved place, with corseted town planning rules, the part was not easy to build this contemporary and personal longhouse so far from the "neobreton" style a little too fashionable on our coasts.

"The construction could only be sincere, that is to say the exact materialization of our desires and our way of living", entrust in unison Bruno Decaris and Agnès Pontremoli, this couple of architects (cabinet Opus 5 architects in Paris) owners of the premises, and so attentive to volumes, light and perspectives.

On the edge of Herlin, the space functions as a small hamlet with a set of two buildings. The first, with large double-height volumes, is intended, on one side, for family life and, on the other side of the glass door with walkway, to the bedrooms and the office. The second, at the back of the field, is reserved for the couple's daughters and friends.

Anchored in the 21st century, this architecture is nonetheless discreet and integrated into its environment. The bay windows in front are framed in shale slate panels under a slate roof, as it should. The volumes are simple, articulated according to plans of a great freedom which tend to the interpenetration of the spaces.

With a touch of blue, the whole bathes in a "white" atmosphere, peaceful and very comforting. Presented at the price architecture Brittany in 2010, this farmhouse was designated "House" of the year.