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The color trends of winter 2017 are revealed!

The color trends of winter 2017 are revealed!

Rosanna Spring

Winter comes with a lot of fluffy materials and cozy atmospheres. But in terms of colors, what will be the winter trends in 2016 and 2017? While some colors remain unavoidable, others, more unexpected, appear in the interiors. Zoom on the colors to adopt in the decor once the winter comes ...

On walls, decorative accessories or furniture, the color sets the tone! Scarlet hues to warm the interiors, intense blues that relax the atmosphere, earthy colors and mineral symbols of a homecoming ... For winter 2016-2017, the trend is shadowed and enveloping tones. The proof, with these hottest shades spotted on the Maison & Objet September 2016 show.

Blood and purplish hues in the decor for winter 2016-2017

From purple, to purple to burgundy, the muted colors and blood invade the interiors, bringing chic and femininity to the winter decor. By subtle touches on cushions or woolly plaids, or total look on armchairs or soft sofas, shades of red and purplish impose!

In pale, faded shades, the mauves and the old roses play the card of sweetness and blend with the beige and other light shades with harmony. In duller tones, plums, aubergines, or even the wine-lees are the decor of a warm and bewitching mystery.

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Scenography Holiday homes at Maison & Objet in September 2016.

Holiday homes / House side

Scenography Normann Copenhagen at Maison & Objet in September 2016.

Normann Copenhagen / House Side

Rosanna Spring

Scenography Holiday homes at Maison & Objet in September 2016.

Holiday homes / House side

Normann Copenhagen

Deep blues to dress the interiors

Blue, even associated with white, is not reserved for summer atmospheres or the seaside style! Moreover, this winter, navy blue and indigo dress dishes and linens. The result ? A relaxing winter decor and an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Ideal for cocooning all winter!

Tie and Dye with a faded effect, playful patterns, ethnic designs ... For the winter of 2016-2017, the dark blue is integrated into the decor by games of materials and graphics. Did you fall in love with this winter color trend? Good! But to avoid darkening your interior, marry the deep blue to lighter shades, such as white or beige, or combine it with different shades of blue to avoid a certain monotony. Finally, know that combined with brown tones, such as brown or ocher, indigo heats up and comes out sublimated.

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Scenography Design Network Africa at Maison & Objet in September 2016.

Network Africa Design / Djiguiyaso Cooperative / Aïssata Namoko

Scenography CNB Enterprises at Maison & Objet in September 2016.

CNB Enterprises / House Side

House of vavances

Trendy color: autumnal and relaxing olive tones

Halfway between yellow and khaki, the olive green seduces us for the winter 2016-2017. Borrowed in the retro style of the 60s, the olive color evokes the nature and vegetation of the undergrowth. Although it is very present in autumn, the green is not less perfect for more winter atmospheres.

With its soft tones, this shade full of simplicity and character is ideal for cozy interiors, as in winter. Mixed with wood, with orange tints or with beige, the olive green is the most beautiful effect!

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Gaelle Le Boulicaut / Vacation Home


Serax / Sergio Herman

A mix and match of colors with the Terrazzo pattern

Inspired by Italian floors from Antiquity, the Terrazzo pattern mimics the natural stones and marble in a playful and unstructured way. For winter 2016-2017, the coating comes back in strength and is adorned with winter hues. In monochrome, or multicolored, the Granito look is available in all colors and has a winter look with navy blue, khaki or mustard yellow.

If the Terrazzo is initially dedicated to the floors, this winter, we see it especially on the walls with chic and colorful wallpapers, in the spirit Memphis.

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Eno Studio

Eno Studio Scenography at Maison & Objet in September 2016.

Eno Studio

Scenography Normann Copenhagen at Maison & Objet in September 2016.

Normann Copenhagen

Mustard yellow, a must for the winter decor

True classic of the decor, mustard yellow is still present among the strong trends of winter 2016-2017. Despite its sunny shades reminiscent of the summer season, the mustard yellow perfectly fits in the winter decor with its warm aura. Between ocher, amber and khaki, this spicy color is perfect for vintage interiors.

This winter, this soft and dynamic shade combines with velvet and other fluffy materials for an even more assertive cozy effect!

Scenography Fest Amsterdam at Maison & Objet in September 2016.

Fest Amsterdam

Vacation home