The decorative trick of Aurélie Hémar: modernize an old kitchen


The kitchen before the makeover.

France 2

This week's deco workshop is about modernizing a kitchen with old-fashioned and outdated décor. By creating a hanging shelf and a papier mache suspension, Aurélie Hémar brings trendy and personalized touches to the room. Change is radical!

Aurélie Hémar helps Brigitte to modernize her old-fashioned kitchen. To give a second life to the room, she makes wooden shelves to suspend and a suspension papier-mâché. Demonstration in videos.

Video of Aurélie Hémar: creating suspended shelves

Equipment needed to make hanging shelves

- 2 boards of plywood of 22 X 100 cm

- 10 meters of rope

- Scissors

- A drill

- Sandpaper

- A sanding block

- 2 rings

- 8 washers

- 2 nails / screws

Aurélie Hémar's tutorial for making shelves for the kitchen

1. Cut two plywood boards 22 x 100 cm.

2. Sand the cuts for a smooth finish.

3. Drill the sides of the boards with 2 holes at the ends (2 cm from the edges).

4. Make a knot at the end of the rope that will be used to hold the board.

5. Place a puck in the rope.

6. Then pass the rope through one of the holes in the bottom shelf

7. Make a knot with the rope to choose the height between the two shelves.

8. Repeat a puck.

9. Then pass the rope through the hole in the top shelf.

10. Pass the rope through a ring (which will be used to hang the shelves), then into the second hole of the top shelf.

11. Repeat a puck.

12. Leave a sufficient length of rope for the wall hanging by making a knot that will stop the top shelf.

13. Thread the rope through the second hole of the bottom shelf.

14. Again pass a puck and finish with a knot.

15. Repeat the same steps for the other side.

16. Hang on the wall.

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France 2

France 2

Video of Aurélie Hémar: making a paper mache suspension

Equipment needed to create a suspension yourself

- 1 big balloon

- Newsprint

- Wallpaper glue

- A basin

- A flat brush brush

- A cutter

- Matt acrylic white paint

- A brush to rechampir

- A spray paint gold

- A protective mask

- An electric wire

- 1 socket

- 1 bulb

- 1 socket

Aurélie Hémar's tutorial to make a suspension for the kitchen

1. Inflate a big balloon.

2. Prepare tapestry glue in the water.

3. Tear off pieces of newspaper.

4. Glue the first strips of newspaper on the balloon with only water.

5. Form a half round of paper on the balloon and repeat in several layers (4 to 5 minimum).

6. Allow to dry.

7. Once dry, carefully deflate the balloon. Be careful not to explode the balloon as it may break the paper mache dome.

8. The half papier-mache ball remains in place.

9. Paint the entire ball in matte acrylic white. Put two coats of paint, if necessary, for a better result. Attention: respect the drying time of the paint between the two layers.

10. Once the white is dry, paint the inside in gold with the bomb. Put on a protective mask before bulging.

11. Drill the center of the top with a cutter.

12. Run the electrical system.

France 2

The kitchen before and after the makeover

The kitchen before the makeover.

France 2

The kitchen before the makeover.

France 2

The kitchen before the makeover.

France 2

The kitchen before the makeover.

France 2

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