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Does Bordeaux have a place in the decor?

Does Bordeaux have a place in the decor?


Halfway between red and purple, Bordeaux is a warm color that does not lack audacity. Appreciated by some, she is considered too dark and sad by others ...

Like mustard yellow or indigo blue, burgundy is a blood color that comes with style in contemporary interiors. Capable of warming the coldest parts, burgundy can sometimes be described as dated and dated. In your opinion, does Bordeaux have a place in the decor?

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Bordeaux in decoration: the cons

Only slightly darker than the wine red, Bordeaux is a color that pulls on purple or brown. What darken the decor that welcomes, if not plumb the atmosphere, downright. Forgotten therefore, the total look burgundy, 4 walls on the ceiling! A classic hair, burgundy is also to be avoided in small spaces that thirst for clarity. But if you want to add a few touches, using decently distilled decorative accessories, free to you to dare the bordeaux deco!

The bordeaux in the decoration: the for

If it warms the atmosphere of a room with its purplish reflections, the burgundy also gives cachet to any space. Deep red color and haunting, this warm color dresses up sofa and armchairs in the living room, like curtains and bed linen in a sophisticated room. Not shy, the most daring will dare even carpet or wallpaper for a cozy atmosphere assured chic. Finally, if it is self-sufficient, bordeaux is also associated with many other shades: old pink, cream white or navy blue. That's a color that really has it all!