Kitchens in colors: 12 models that throw


Lumina kitchen, MDF board, 4 colors available, 2673 euros according to type layout, Ixina


Want colors for your kitchen? Blue petrol, carbon, greige, or even purple, here is our selection of 12 models of kitchens in colors that throw and we are full of sight!

The kitchen takes on colors! Pastel colors such as green, cream or linen, bright colors such as red, orange and even purple, through trend colors such as petrol blue, navy blue, greige or carbon, here is our selection of 12 kitchens in colors that throw.

Idea # 1: a kitchen in pastel colors for a vintage spirit

Green, cream, blue and linen, this is a palette that gives a vintage style in the kitchen. We dare to mix different colors together to set the tone. And to give it all its modernity, we play on the metallic effect of home appliances.

Sixties kitchen, doors and drawer fronts in MDF coated with polymer, glossy finish, green, cream, linen and blue colors, gloss finish, 619 euros according to standard layout, Cooke & Lewis at Castorama


Idea n ° 2: gray for a kitchen in cozy colors

Gray smiles to put color in the kitchen. Neither too bright nor too dark, this neutral and felted tone brings a more authentic and cozy touch while remaining bright, especially when associated with white.

Chichester kitchen, in hand-painted oak in the workshops and with Neptune paint, shingle color, from 12 000 euros, Neptune


Idea n ° 3: a kitchen in navy blue color

We let ourselves be embarked by the navy blue color in the kitchen. And to give depth to this particularly trendy shade, we dive into a lacquer finish.

Lumina kitchen, MDF board, 4 colors available, 2673 euros according to type layout, Ixina


Idea n ° 4: red, a color that is desired in the kitchen

Bright and vibrant color, red imposes its style in the kitchen. Especially when it is presented in a lacquered effect on contemporary lines that make a block, just like this kitchen. The design touch!

Metod / Ringhult kitchen, particle board, glossy red decor sheet, 479 euros according to type layout, Ikea


Idea n ° 5: a kitchen in indigo colors ultra-trendy

We thought the indigo reserved for jeans. This color has even more style when it invades the kitchen. The kitchen becomes an absolute modernity especially when it is associated with black. A new wave announcing the trend. To follow closely!

Epure and Sophistication kitchen, matte black lacquered finish fronts and wood veneer finish Santos rosewood fronts, pink copper finish handles, Fango open line color finish, Fénix worktop in matt indigo black color, wood veneer table Santos rosewood, price on request, Perene


Idea n ° 6: a lavender kitchen

Lavender hues announce the color in the kitchen. Contemporary and bright, especially when choosing an iridescent finish, they emphasize the style while remaining discreet.

Tandem kitchen, matt lacquered melamine doors mounted on European solid oak frame, glossy iridescent lavender color, other standard colors and à la carte, € 1461.34 depending on the type of installation, Lapeyre


Idea n ° 7: a carbon color kitchen

We let ourselves be intoxicated by the color carbon in the kitchen that we associate for example with minimalist lines highlighted with a touch of yellow, like this composition, for an even more chic graphic effect.

Tinta Black kitchen, laminated panels, 3432 euros according to type layout, Kvik


Idea n ° 8: a cooking oil blue

We let ourselves be tempted by the oil blue to put color in the kitchen. And for an even more stylish effect, it is associated for example with a pearl gray and we play on different finishes matte and glossy version.

Kitchen Largo FG - IOS-M, frosted glass oil fronts and glossy gray paint, price on request, Leicht


Idea n ° 9: Purple color for an original cuisine

Purple gives us a lot of fun when it is associated with black in the kitchen. We avoid the cocotte effect of this color in all-over on all the furniture, but we rather play the card of subtlety, with a touch like this island for example, to make it more desirable.

Lynka Black Matt Kitchen, and Purple Tallys, price on request, Mobalpa


Idea n ° 10: the orange wakes up the kitchen

Ultra-toned color, the orange wakes up the gray on the kitchen furniture. And in the image of this composition, he emphasizes the style, either on the slices of the central island or in the bottom of locker on the wall elements. The right dose to fill up with vitamins!

Moda kitchen, melamine panels, available in 6 colors, 2496 euros according to standard layout, Ixina


Idea n ° 11: 50 shades of grege for a kitchen in colors

Feel cold colors in the kitchen? We leave carte blanche to a range of more discreet colors, from beige to greige. A good solution if you are afraid of getting too tired of bright colors.

Cuisine Alice, by Christian Ghion, price on request, Arthur Bonnet

Arthur Bonnet

Idea n ° 12: a blue lagoon kitchen

We love the blue lagoon in the kitchen. Whether for a retro neo spirit or contemporary design, it adapts to all styles. And it is even brighter when it is presented in a brilliant effect.

Kitchen Carat, fronts and drawers in lacquered medium density fibreboard, 25 colors available, 1581,34 euros according to standard layout, Lapeyre