For or against the open kitchen: the opinion of the Net surfers


More than 40 users of Visite Privée gave their opinion. Surprise: these are the intermediate solutions hold the rope. Extract from the debate ...


More than 40 Internet users of Private Tour gave their opinion on the kitchen open on the show. For or against? In fact, are the alternative solutions of semi-open kitchens that hold the rope. Summary of the debate ...

For or against the kitchen open to the living room? The opinions are decided according to the debate launched by Visite Privée, the blog of's Internet users' houses. Each one his point of view, his experience, his desires on the open kitchen. Roughly one third of the 40 Internet users are "for", emphasizing that the open kitchen is gaining conviviality, space and brightness. A small third are frankly "against" because of nuisance (noise, smell ...). Finally, a sign of a debate rich in ideas, a large third of Internet users offer alternative solutions to enjoy the benefits while reducing the inconvenience.


Hello friendliness, bye-bye loneliness

"I'm really good at it, when you get to the world it's much more user-friendly, you feel less different than in a closed kitchen, and for the smells, there are now very efficient fume hoods. It also has super silent dishwashers, and with an open kitchen, it makes your room bigger, "thinks Vero.

"Being alone in the kitchen when others are at the table, it's not funny," says Toto cuisto.

"I'm voting for the open kitchen, I did not have a choice because I'm a tenant, but that's what made me fall for this apartment, it's completely open and we enjoy it as soon as we have guests. My husband cooks while continuing to chat, it's more user-friendly, just put the washing machine and tumble dryer in the cellar! "," Pleads Gwen.

The feeling of having more space

"For the open kitchen, I have one and that gives a real sense of space," says Françoise.

"The open kitchen is useful in small housing, but beware of nuisances (noise, smoke, smells) .If I have the choice, I prefer an independent kitchen," says Michel.

And it's convenient

"The open kitchen is ideal for many reasons:
- conviviality: while cooking, we can continue to chat with the guests
- safer when you have children (we always have an eye on them). Especially since it is often during the preparation of the meal that the accidents happen.
- practical: no door threshold to cross to serve (safer for clumsy or distracted) ", summarizes Ceccaldi.

"For me, living and cooking communicate: more doors, it allows to be very close to the guests, and no smell with the hood," says Souris Bretonne.


No to nuisances and guests too curious

"After living (...) 5 years with an American kitchen, I can now say for sure that I am against.The noise of pots, running water, washing machine disturb the person who relaxes in the living room or watch TV, and the smell of cooking is also unpleasant, "Anna says.

"We have an American kitchen in a 70sqm room, it is very nice but not practical, we are making changes to close the kitchen, the smells and noise are very disturbing," says Vicenti.

"I prefer the closed kitchen because I do not like the guests to see what I do in the kitchen, there is no surprise, I appreciate having some small appliances always on hand, to say on the work plan and the decoration and the smells of the kitchen do not correspond to the context of the show ", indicates Lydia.

"The stay must remain a piece of relaxation even though it remains pretty and well equipped (hood ...) The odors, the utensils seem permanently bother me.Also when I receive, I like to concoct my dishes without my guests come to disturb me, "says Ellen.

Do not always be on top of each other

"Living in an American kitchen is always living in the same place, it is living perpetually on one another, it's good to be alone in one's little kitchen and to prepare the meal. more intimacy and nothing to deter conviviality.When you receive friends always prepare your menu in advance, American cuisine or not, you will gain in ease and you will enjoy the evening better, "says Evagi.

For a real kitchen to live

"Without hesitation, I am in favor of a closed kitchen, and big enough to be able to eat there every day, as a family.For me, the kitchen must be the heart of the home: a place where we meet to eat together but also to chat, especially in the evening after a long day of toil! "thinks Delphine.


Open kitchen on the dining area of ​​the living room

"After testing both, I would suggest an intermediate solution: a kitchen open to a dining area but separate from the living room," says Jacques.

"I prefer the open kitchen but on the dining room because it's more friendly to receive friends or even family," says Sam.

Kitchen-dining room

"Let's say that it is very rare that the places are really good (enough space on the kitchen side to have ultra-accessible storage, separate living room or separate ...) And that the fantasy of the open kitchen is rather room for the one of the big kitchen where one can dine a lot, with a separated living room ", explains Marine.

"I do not like the kitchen open to the dining room / living room (...) .I opt more for a kitchen / dining room, with a door that separates the living room, which allows to ventilate the room after having cooks, and the machines can run without disturbing too much, "suggests Babette.

Lockable kitchen

"We opted for a large kitchen with a bar table to eat every day and to receive our friends.It is closed by a door with opaque windows and wood: it is very aesthetic seen from the living room, it is very convenient because open, we obtain an opening of 2x60 cm and once closed we can afford the luxury of cooking without risking the overdose of smells and greasy fumes.Also, a separate room offers the priceless possibility of not being not overwhelmed by ambient noise (TV ...), "says Isabelle.

Separation by a bay or glass wall

"There is also the kitchen option communicating with the dining room and / or the living room, but through a glass wall style workshop, with some opening parts and others not.It is not stuck (e) to the difference in his kitchen, but it limits the inconveniences like the smells, the noise.Personally, my dream, it is this kind of kitchen, with opening type interior windows with guillotines, which in raised position, would be masked by kitchen elements hung in height But to find sash windows in France not too expensive ... houlala! "says Margot91.

"I will all reconcile you with the kitchens, personally I opted for a kitchen with sliding bays that I open or close according to my desires Too many noises! We close the doors. Friends! We open to continue to spend the evening with them while continuing to simmer small dishes.It certainly this development at a small cost, but it is worth the candle or rather the kitchen! ", says Laurent Irene.

Just a window or a porthole

"I visited a house where the kitchen was closed, but a window (giant porthole style of Captain Nemo's submarine) had been installed on the partition separating from the dining room. Noe14 enthusiasm.

Remove the door and break a piece of partition

"I'm buying an apartment and in this one the kitchen will be open in the sense that there will be no door but it will be a separate room, it will be big enough to have a little lunch corner in two and will not be very far from the show which will allow me to communicate easily, "says Anna.

"Well, I'm starting work next week, it's time for me to read your opinion.I decided, I break the partition, but keep one side of the wall to hide the bazaar! (...). please, good luck, because no cooking for at least two weeks, "writes Karine full of enthusiasm.

"A semi-open kitchen is the best solution: no door to the living / dining room and vertical or horizontal openings in the partition (deadlocks) .You can insert a storage cabinet (hanging and protruding from each side of the partition) For American kitchens, fix to the ceiling blinds or grid system (insert into a sub-ceiling) that you unwind or sliding door.In any case have at any time free passage ", explains Sandra.

And if we ate outside ...

"I love a summer kitchen near the table outside for holidays and sunny days because I do not like to lock myself in my kitchen," says Lydia.

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