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Dulux Valentine reveals the color of the year 2017

Kitchen with bar in Blue Gray and Blueberry Dulux Valentine

Dulux Valentine

Every year its novelties and the world of painting is no exception to the rule. Dulux Valentine, a leading brand in this sector, reveals its star color. In 2017, the color Blue Gray will be the star. See also> Painting: 5 mistakes to avoid in the living room

The Blue grey succeeds Golden Ocher. As every year, Heleen van Gent, Artistic Director of the Global Aesthetic Center, has come together with various professionals: psychologists, sociologists, decoration specialists ... to detect the "color" aspirations of consumers. From the elements she has collected, her team of experts has imagined THE hue of the year 2017: the Blue Gray. This color, "is the idea of ​​jeans blue, this garment that everyone has and that we keep without this weary," says Catherine Filoche, color stylist for Dulux Valentine. And indeed, stilettos, boots or sneakers, the jeans go everywhere. And the same goes for the Bleu Gris, which slips into interiors of the contemporary type, nature, refined ... and reveals its nuances in contact with the different colors of paintings.

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For Dulux Valentine, the Blue Gray paint lends itself to all decorating desires

Present without being too intense, this color mixes and harmonizes with the different color palettes of the brand. There are five of them:

The color palette of the year: the painting retranscribes the way we live.

The new romanticism: the gray is revealed thanks to natural and intense hues such as blue or tropical greens. In a bohemian chic spirit, painting brings old furniture and objects to life. It is part of a more responsible internal approach.

Work at home: the distribution of colors delimits the spaces colors reconcile in the same space these two universes.

Shared individualism: we live differently. Here, the brand approaches the "transgenerational side of housing": we take care of his parents, we welcome a child, we share an apartment between adults. The decoration and painting must allow cohabitation.

Essential luxury: it is a palette of neutrals that marks the need to go back to basics.

Demonstration in pictures.

Gray blue warms Blue Glass paint

- In the trend Denim drift

Glass Blue Painting, Light Blue, Blue Gray, Dulux Valentine

Dulux Valentine

The Blue Gray on the ceiling softens the color Blue Glass quite cold. These associated paintings enliven this contemporary and warm living room which gives pride of place to the wood.

Gray Blue Soothes Topaz Green

- In the trend Shared Individualism

Green Topaz, Nude Rose and Blue Gray Dulux Valentine Paint

Dulux Valentine

The Bleu Bleu accentuates the depth of the window and soothes a sparkling decoration where the yellow dominates.

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The Blue Gray is the romantic play next to the painting Blueberry

- In the New Romantic trend

Kitchen with bar in Blue Gray and Blueberry Dulux Valentine

Dulux Valentine

The Bleu Bleu is a duo with the paint Blueberry and brings depth to the wall of this welcoming kitchen.

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Gray Blue becomes more intense near Brick Red and Golden Ocher

-In the trend of thee work from home

Gray Blue Paint, Brick Red, Golden Ocher Dulux Valentine

Dulux Valentine

In this room, the Red Brick delimits the work area and the Golden Ocher illuminates the room, while the gray blue wakes up the whole. The associated red and ocher colors reveal the intensity of the Bleu Bleu.

With the Infinite White, the Blue Gray is obvious

- In the Essential Luxury trend

White Infinity Painting, Blue Gray Dulux Valentine

Dulux Valentine

In a very clean and white atmosphere, the Blue Gray asserts itself and seems to stretch the space.