SOS Sophie: 20 deco makeover ideas


Sophie Ferjani gives you her best decorating tips

François du Chatenet and Christine Soler

Want to revamp your home, remake a room in the house, change everything or just give a youthful look? Discover Sophie Ferjani's best makeover tips selected by the editorial staff of Côté Maison.

The editorial staff of Côté Maison has selected Sophie Ferjani's best advice in SOS Sophie to help you revamp your interior. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, terrace ... All rooms have the right to their key idea.

1. Move the furniture in the house to create a new space

Changing the layout of the furniture in a room is free and it just takes a bit of elbow grease. Roll up your sleeves and go for a cheap and easy makeover!

2. Put color with discretion

Choosing to awaken the decor with a little color is a good idea but be careful not to opt for too loud tones. More neutral tones and shades of color give a zen side to the decor, think about it.

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3. Delimit two spaces in the same room with color

Corner desk, room for two children, living room and dining room in a small space ... Instead of choosing a traditional screen or curtain, use color to delimit two spaces in the same room.

4. Avoid painting doors in color

The color of the doors must be the same as the walls. If you choose a different shade, the doors will come out in the decoration.

5. Use patina to relook old wooden furniture

Before you get rid of your antique furniture, consider repainting with patina. The furniture you have seen too much find a second youth.

6. Bring the colors in little touches to avoid overloading the decor

In deco, prefer small touches of color to avoid a total look. Even with some decorative objects, the color is easily invited into the room and quickly brighten up a space too bland.

7. Dress wall facing walls to bring heat into the room

Paneling or brick in an interior brings heat into a room. If you do not have the chance to have some, opt for the wall facing. A wall clad in fake brick or paneling instantly adds cachet to your interior.

8. Bring clarity and modernity into the house

If your room has exposed beams, without spoiling the stamp of the house, you can repaint them in white. This brings clarity, modernity and a sense of space to the room.

9. Optimize the layout of the stay

We tend to position the dining room close to the kitchen and often, it takes the place in front of the windows while we spend little time. To optimize the layout of the living room, the living room must occupy 2/3 of the space and the dining room only 1/3.

10. Choosing the right location for your couch

There is no need to place the sofa in the middle of the living room, especially if the space is small because it cuts the room in half. The sofa is best located back to the wall and facing the door where it invites relaxation as soon as you enter the room.

11. Create a circle of conviviality in the living room

For the layout of the show, Sophie Ferjani advocates creating a "circle of conviviality". In other words, it is a question of delimiting the living space with a sofa, a big carpet, a coffee table and small armchairs to close the circle.

12. Highlighting your furniture

A beautiful piece of furniture deserves to be placed in the middle of a wall. It is better to avoid placing it in the corner of a room where it is smothered and not exploited to its true value.

13. Replace high furniture in the kitchen with shelves

In the kitchen, remove traditional high furniture and replace with more decorative shelves. The good idea: install pretty jars that serve as storage and decoration.

14. Dress up your kitchen easily with paint

To revamp the kitchen without changing everything, it is possible to repaint the furniture, the credence and the floor. For a new kitchen effect guaranteed, install a new worktop, in oiled raw wood, it brings modernity to a rustic kitchen.

15. Changing the shower curtain

A quick refit in the bathroom? Replace the old, yellowed shower curtain with a more modern glass shower screen.

16. Easily install a walk-in shower

To install a walk-in shower easily in the bathroom, Sophie Ferjani advises to choose an extra flat tray. It is replaceable and fits more easily than a classic shower tray in a bathroom and only adds a small step.

17. Repaint the tiles in the bathroom

Make a new look in the bathroom is easy by repainting the tiles. On the floor as on the wall, with a suitable paint, the tile changes style and reinvents the decor of the bathroom.

18. Create a headboard in the bedroom

With a headboard, the place of the latter is anchored in the room and easily decorates the room.

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19. Optimize the spaces lost in the house

Spaces under windows or attics can be operated. Just install low storage furniture.

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20. Create a cocoon on the terrace

On the terrace, choose a canisse screen instead of a green plastic classic. You can also plant it with climbing plants and / or planters for a green area even in the city.