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Dare purple in the decor!

Dare purple in the decor!


Sumptuous and elusive, purple in the decor is a bold choice. In painting, on wallpaper or on any other wall covering, this mysterious hue does not leave you indifferent. Let's learn to use this color wisely.

In perfect balance between red and blue, sometimes cold, sometimes hot, violet fascinates. With what style of deco marry this hue? In which parts is purple the most suitable? Response elements.

It was once the color of the mourning reserved for the kings of France, and it plays a primordial role in the Christian liturgy, since it symbolizes the Incarnation and the Redemption. It also had its heyday in nineteenth-century fashion and later in post-sixty-eight feminist movements. These committed women chose to wear this color to symbolize the spiritual wealth of the fairer sex. "We have a uterus AND a brain!" Even closer to us, many young girls find this color "too beautiful", thanks to the series become global phenomenon Violetta. They share this taste with older people who learned to write until the 1970s with purple ink exclusively.

Declination of violets in a child's room at Stéphanie de Saint Simon, creator of Ouma Productions

N. Millet

Purple: an interesting in-between

Another proof of its complexity: in your opinion, is violet a warm color or a cold color? Our design teacher taught us that it was a mixture of blue (cold) and red (hot). We can deduce that it is a warm color and, more precisely, that it appears warm associated with a cold and cold color with a warm color. Interesting, therefore, in decoration, to warm up or cool with subtlety your dominant colors.

Clarification: Purples love strong light, especially when it is cold (warm lighting may give the impression that the color turns brown).

Wallcovering "Charm", collection "Enigma", 219 euros the m in 1.23 m wide, Arte.


Purple, a stimulating color in the rooms

This is THE color of the cafes who want to give themselves a lounge side. At home, it will be perfect on the walls of the lounges of connected readers assumed. This color is also recommended in adult bedrooms. A chain of stores recently surveyed 2,000 customers and asked them about the dominant color of their bedroom and the amount of sex they had each week.

Conclusion: light purple comes at the top of the stimulating colors. One indulges in the thing three and a half times a week when the quilt or the walls are mauve. The purple arriving far ahead of the white, gray or cream that make you painfully practice gymnastics twice a week. We sleep well in a light purple room.

From left to right: Bishop Violet, Violet Glycine, Violet Prune


Designer, member of the French Committee of Color, Jean-Gabriel Causse is the author of The Amazing Power of Colors (Palio edition)