8 summer colors to repaint your interior


8 summer colors to repaint your interior

4 Walls

Orange, pink, yellow ... This summer, to add color to your interior, we do not skimp on the warm and summery painting. Gay and timeless, the warm colors energize the walls and give life to the decor. Côté Maison unveils 8 new sunny shades to look good in your home!

In winter as in summer, the warm colors bring warmth and brightness to the decor. Opting for a sparkling paint to dress up its walls is a bold but effective choice to revive one's home. Dulux Valentine, Tollens, Ressource ... Discover 8 summer colors for a vitamin interior!

1. A trio of radiant and contrasting paints

If you want to take the plunge and repaint your walls in dynamic colors, but you fear too much to do, the best solution is to associate these shades to shades more sober. Here, the orange and the rose invite themselves in the dining room with small touches and marry perfectly with the gray in an original geometric effect.


V33 Hypnotik paints, 1 L 32,90 euros. Color references: # 1, Hypnotik white; No. 17, gray of the Hypnotik Pearl; No. 14, Life in Pink Hypnotik; No. 5, cumin Hypnotik. Acrylic paint is washable, stain resistant, multi-media, 32.90 euros per liter. V33.

2. A sunny hue to repaint its walls

To give a boost to your interior, bet on a vitaminized look with a lemon yellow color to apply on the walls sparingly. At the risk of turning into bad taste, it is wiser not to paint a whole section of wall in this hue very marked, but to prefer small flat color or colored bands. The little more decoration? The yellow chick chair that echoes the hue of the wall.

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David Cleveland / Tollens

Prismatic collection, lemon tint. Tollens.

3. A greedy and orange hue to revamp the walls

This soft and fruity orange is part of the decoration without a hitch. Combined with white and applied as playful triangles, this summer shade offers a look both cheerful and trendy. Like a colorful checkerboard, the wall of this living room makes the decorate in summer time!

Dulux Valentine

Reference: D0.39.55 50YR 32/460. Compliance & Freedom Collection by Dulux Valentine.

4. An aged coral to dress the walls of the living room

The coral pink, this color that evokes summer so well, goes perfectly with cooler shades, like here, with the turquoise blue of the sofa. In an aged effect, the coral reveals all its softness and allows to bring a warm touch to the decor without making tons.

4 Walls

Color Coral Saphyr, multi-media paint Alkyde, 39.90 euros the pot of 2.5 liters and 14.90 euros the pot of 0.5 liter. 4 walls.

5. Acid yellow to emphasize the ceiling framing

To enhance the decor of a sober and cold room, repainting a part of the walls in a bright, spicy yellow can be a great idea. Placed on the frame of the ceiling, this stimulating shade enhances the neutral look of the kitchen.

Eleonore Deco

Absinth shade. Price: 21,50 euros the 500 ml and 57 eutod the pot of 2 liters. Eleonore Deco.

6. Pink hues associated with an orangey yellow

For a vintage and energizing style to perfection, dare the association of yellow and pink on the walls. Tonic and friendly, the orange yellow boosts the decor, while the pale pink soothes and softens the room. Arranged on adjacent walls, the two shades create an interesting perspective game.


Energizing Collection, Ondi Pure Satin shades R090-2 PA, R087-1 PA, Y040-4 ME. Colors from the ZOLPACHROM color chart 3. Price on request, Ondi Pur by Zolpan.

7. Orange for an interior that looks good

Choosing a sparkling orange to repaint its walls is a daring bet that can stimulate the decoration of its interior. Combined with white, the apricot color brightens any room and reminds of sunny days. In order not to end with a result that is too loud, prefer soft or salmon orange, like pastel orange or peach color.

Sarah Lavoine / Resource

Queen color SL19, available in matt powder, silky matte, velvety satin, water-based satin lacquer, gloss lacquer, matt lacquer and universal print. Sarah Lavoine for Resource.

8. A warm powdery pink on the walls of the hallway

Soft and fresh, powder pink is perfect for a warm and cheerful decor. To avoid falling into the total girly look, combine powdery pink with cool, dark shades, such as the black of this buffet, or the plum that dresses the baseboards of this corridor.


Tuscan Pink shade, 44 euros per liter in satin acrylic and 66 euros 2.5 liters in matte acrylic. Zoffany.