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Painting: nude tones for a subtle decor

Painting: nude tones for a subtle decor


Nude colors are trendy in the decor! These fresh and soothing shades set the tone for all the rooms in the house. To prove it to you, Côté Maison offers ideas of associations of nude colors with other colors. To your paint cans!

Ivory, powder pink or apricot paints: inspired by cosmetics, these soft and delicate pastel colors blend with most other colors. Our ideas of associations for an interior at the top of the decor!

Nude tones alone or in monochrome

From ivory to caramel to peach, nude paint echoes skin tones. "It's a bit of the foundation of the house, which gives it a good look," say Dominique and Christine Chauvin, creators of colors for Domaterra paints.

The brand has just launched a collection of five nude shades, to be associated with each other or with twenty other colors created for the occasion. For a soft, subtle and warm atmosphere, we paint the room in a single nude shade or in a shades (three walls and pink beige ceiling + a café au lait wall for example).

Nude tones with dark neutrals

For a felted and contemporary atmosphere, the color pros recommend combining nude shades with neutral and rather strong colors, such as a mineral gray, an icy brown or a taupe. These intervene in addition, to create a band or a solid surface wall or to cover a wall, a door or skirting boards.

The nude tones are also very beautiful with an anthracite gray, which highlights the subtle pigments of these powdery hues. Same note for the white, to use on the woodwork, moldings and coats of chimneys to give a blow of expenses to the whole.

Nude tones with bright hues

Put in touch, the vibrant colors awaken the painted parts in nude. The favorite associations of the creators of Domaterra? Light Apricot + Iced Brown + Denim Blue; powder pink + chocolate + Indian rose; eggshell + taupe + green moss.

At Dulux Valentine, the new "Couture" collection combines, for a romantic atmosphere, an ecru linen and a peach nude with a real rose, a parma and a green of water. As for Ripolin, its collection "Morning Coffee" (range Attitude) offers three nude shades to combine with a green or vegetable green for a natural style.

Blush shot. The pink powder duo ("Pink Ground" on the wall and "Setting Plaster" on the plinth) is refreshed with touches of green water ("Teresa's Green" on the chair). 73.50 euros the 2.5 liters in mat emulsion, Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball


(From top to bottom) Rosebud. A light pink, fresh and delicate. Tint "Petal", 54 euros the pot of 2 liters in slightly satin finish, Satinelle painting by Eléonore Déco.

Bright beige. A delicately pink neutral, chic and easy going. "Ghost" shade, from 31.62 euros per liter in Wall & Wood Satin finish, Flamant collection by Tollens.

Light apricot. A slightly tinted white, also called eggshell. Hue "Nude 4", Nude collection, 45 euros the 2.5 liter pot in modern matte finish, Domaterra.

Coffee with milk. A light terracotta brown, soft and natural. "Bamboo" shade, morning coffee collection, Attitude range, 26.90 euros per liter in satin finish, Ripolin.

Natural linen. A nuanced peachy white, discreet and warm. Tint "Ecru Linen", Couture collection, 23,50 euros the 0.5 liter pot in satin velvet finish, Dulux Valentine.