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Blow of life for a family home in Copenhagen

Blow of life for a family home in Copenhagen

Anders Hviid

Sofie Christensen Egelund, co-manager of the Danish design company Vipp, opens the doors of her home in Copenhagen, Denmark. A building dating from 1898 that contrasts with a refined decor. Just as white is opposed to black according to the parts. Assumed biases that make all the singularity of the place.

"We have redone everything". When Sofie and Frank Christensen Egelund and their four children took possession of this family home built in 1898, they laid it bare to better rearrange it and make it as easy to live as possible. "We stripped the walls, removed the stucco and French windows, and even removed a chimney, a radical but necessary choice to free up space in a house with many levels.

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The goal of the owners of this rehabilitated building was to adapt it to their lifestyle. "We have modified the layout and layout of the 19th-century parts to accommodate the shipyard workers, and our goal was to gain functionality and functionality," said Sofie, co-manager of Vipp, a company founded by -Father Holger Nielsen. In the end, only the floor and the beams were kept and renovated. As for decorating, "it's a mix of antique or vintage objects." Each piece has its own story, says Sofie, beginning with the kitchen clock, once hanging in my grandfather's factory. "

The project of family life

The idea : renovate a house late nineteenth century to accommodate a family of 6, including 4 children aged 3 to 17 years.

The situation : On the outskirts of Østerbro district, north-east of Copenhagen.

Area : 200 m2 spread over four levels and a basement.

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Make the space of the building more functional

- Optimize the space: from the start, the idea was to create a home with space, beautiful volumes and a fluid circulation. All punctuated by a selection of functional furniture. The owners, Sofie and Frank Christensen Egelund, wanted to stay in place because they live here with their four children.

- Betting on the openings: the house overlooks a terrace-garden arranged so that the whole family can find there. Iron table (Fermob) and contrast game between the black chairs "Hee" (Hay) and large white cushions (Lisbet Friis) arranged on the benches.

Anders Hviid

Anders Hviid

Betting on the contrast to revamp the interior

- Dare oppositions: "What I prefer in this house is the balance between the old and the contemporary, the graphic effects between black and white, light and darkness.These nuances, this multiplicity contrasts reveal the whole soul of the place ", says Sofie Christensen Egelund.

The couple of owners bet on safe values ​​of the design. By taste, but also for the sake of comfort and durability.

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Jieldé lamp, Isamu Noguchi coffee table (1944) and Eames Lounge Chair (Vitra). On the wall, painting by Claus Cartensen.

Anders Hviid

Side small salon, lamppost "Toio" brothers Castiglioni (Flos), sofa signed Borge Mogensen and cushions Lisbet Friis.

Anders Hviid

A kitchen full of features

The kitchen island was designed by Vipp to bring together all the necessary functions in a kitchen. Here, no place lost and nothing lags behind, thanks to the numerous storage spaces.

The walls of the kitchen are covered with the same dark gray as the storage and the worktop. A nice way to highlight the island, but also to emphasize the contrast with the white floor and the light of day that crosses the room.

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"The dark gray kitchen seems to come off the floor with white painted oak flooring," explains Sofie. Worktop and storage in stainless steel mounted on legs (Vipp), table "PK5" and chairs "PK9" designed by Poul Kjaerholm (Frits Hansen), suspension "Zettel'z" (Ingo Maurer) and Tisca Tiara carpet.

Anders Hviid

"DCW" chair by Ray & Charles Eames, Vitra.

Anders Hviid

Anders Hviid

The white illuminates the rooms of the family house

Always in a desire to slice, to create contrasts, to break with the dark tones of the ground floor, it is the white and the light colors which dominate in the rooms. That of parents is immaculate, when those of children are punctuated with colorful touches (toys, mobiles ...).

In the rooms, particular care was brought to the storage. Shelves, cupboards and even custom lockers under the bed: no place is lost.

In the parents' room: Hästens bed, "Vip441" laundry basket, Naskaloris lamp (Fontana Arte) and photos by Anders Hviid.

Anders Hviid

"Juno" bed from Viggo Einfeldt and shelves "Vipp921".

Anders Hviid

Anders Hviid

Anders Hviid

The plan of the building

Anders Hviid

The walls have the floor in this typical Danish building. Sometimes with dark or light coverings, sometimes with hung works of art.

3 questions to the owner of the building

Anders Hviid

Why did you choose a dark mural in the kitchen?

SCE : For its offbeat, unexpected, daring, off the beaten track. My husband and I love this dark and monochromatic effect that recalls the atmosphere of a cellar while we are on the ground floor.

How did you treat the light?

SCE : This varies according to the floors of the house. In the kitchen, we wanted a mix between spots and suspensions to illuminate this deliberately dark space. On the other hand, on the upper floors, we favored natural light.

Why this choice to turn some rooms into minigames?

SCE : Because we are collectors of contemporary art. We have photographs of Anders Hviid in our bedroom, a painting by Sven Dalsgaard and a sculpture by Christian Lemmerz in the kitchen, or a painting by Michael Kvium in the living room. If we stripped the walls on arrival, it was to better get dressed later. it is also a way to breathe life and bring a little bit of self.