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Dream Houses

A sheepfold new look in Provence


This renovation preserves authenticity and softness while introducing modern materials, colors and volumes ...

On a land bristling with oaks and pines, the village of Belvézet thrives in the tranquility of a preserved landscape. The fields reserved for organic farming and rows of olive trees frame a bucolic panorama. No wonder that Charmaine and Paul, young New Zealanders, fans of open spaces, have chosen to settle there, after a few years a little too gray in London.

A wedding in Provence

But how could a native couple of the antipodes succumb to the call of the south of France and precisely of Uzège? The mobile is hiding in a promise of marriage. A request formulated in good and due form by Paul, the dream of a little girl of Charmaine to marry in Provence ... and then the wish realized! Difficult to summarize the rest in a few lines ... The wedding in Cinemascope at the castle of Saint-Maximin, the immediate decision not to leave Uzes and, soon, the creation of the Three Salons, a restaurant that has since become a must in the city. Then come the births of Scarlett and Flyn, and love at first sight for an old sheepfold.

"A new world in a old world"

Discovering Belvézet, Paul and Charmaine have the feeling of finding a perfect setting, authentic places where peasants, young Europeans, ewes and old stones live in harmony. The building they covet does not lack character. From the first works, the project is clear: "we wanted to design a world remixed, a new world in a old world". On two levels, room is given to space and openings to offer real baths of light. The volume is spread over 180m2, tinted with natural shades, cream, beige and gray mouse.

Between modern furniture and old frame

Everything is clean, impeccable, dressed to the nines. From the ground floor imagined into four rooms? open kitchen full west on the garden, living room, office and guest room? exudes a timeless charm that combines antique furniture and modern equipment. The metal door frames frame "small worlds" where the materials found around coexist alongside pieces redone and patinated to the old. A Mies Van der Rohe armchair, a reminder of London life, meets the findings found in the Uzès flea market, like a lamp or a modular piece of furniture from the 1970s. The stone walls are jointed or lime-washed to harmonize with the floors. in Burgundy stone.

In the kitchen, Atelier 3 craftsmen have done a magnificent work of precision, covering the wooden structures with a thin layer of resin, like waxed concrete, which gives a robust and lightweight appearance. The initial height of the ceilings has been preserved in the living room and the office, and it is from the latter that the floor is reached by a raw concrete staircase. There, under the beams, two bedrooms each decorated with a bathroom are soberly decorated for the rest of the "shepherd".

Through the windows, the beautiful perspective of the garden planted with cypresses, rosemary and lavender offers admiration and daydreaming. "What I like in a good author is not what he says, but what he murmurs," wrote American essayist Logan Pearsall Smith. Under the baton of its owners, Belvézet's rejuvenated sheepfold also has a very elegant way of suggesting a contemporary history.