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Dream Houses

Signature gray desire in Paris


To visit: 350 m2 in Trocadero. The architect Florence Baudoux gives this Haussmann apartment its original size and character, giving it a contemporary dimension. For the visit, follow the slideshows ...

Being a journalist also means following the evolution of a creative work. For an architect, a designer, a graphic designer ... the emergence of an identity, the affirmation of a style, the identification of a signature are often the fruit of a long maturation. The architect Florence Baudoux has become a friend. A person of whom I salute today the human fidelity and the professional requirement. A landmark person. A reassuring spirit that poses on each project a sure value. She has arrived at this point of writing where thought is as evident. No recipe, no automatism, no systematism but the accuracy of the subject, a truth that is illustrated in volume. Florence Baudoux is an atypical person. We could say that she thinks "differently". Nothing agreed at home or in his work. She rejects fashions and prefers inspiration.

At a time when everything is questioned because of fear or cautiousness, she dares, she says, she seeks excellence in know-how, she puts on values ​​almost forgotten as loyalty to customers or talented creators like Patrice Gruffaz , Christophe Delcourt or Régis Mathieu. It prescribes quality and refers to pools of real artistic biases like the Eric Philippe gallery. As if obviously, the experiments served to keep only the essential. This Haussmannian apartment seems to correspond to this precise moment, where the architect reaches the fullness of his work around a space to reinvent entirely. Relying on the memory of the place, she listened without losing anything, what could tell the writings, the drawings but also a neighbor? born there?, linked to the past of this former mansion.

A decor that gives meaning

First and foremost, it gave new meaning to this reception floor of the former Parisian bourgeoisie. Pieces invented for the needs, false ceilings reported, she has seen everything by giving as a benchmark the pace of life of a forgotten era but which granted legitimacy to large volumes. From her clients, she had carte blanche to put a space all in gray. After having completely decompartmentalized and undressed the volumes, after having lifted the floors to pass the fluids (plumbing, electricity, heating), after having restored to all its height of 4.50 m under ceiling, cleared or made rework the moldings and staffs by a specialist, she devised a distribution in accordance with the story. She created visual bridges by a ground and chromium unit.

The living room: 100 m2 with columns

Courtyard side, a kitchen with central island. Street side, three bedrooms with bathroom and dressing room for each, a dining room adjoining a large living room of nearly 100 m2. A space as majestic as masterful, to which it has restored its columns. Decorative elements with a strong personality that immediately set the spirit of this oversized living room. And to assert this notion of jewel cases, she opted for a colorful bias. Not in the brightness nor in the liveliness of the contrasts that did not correspond to the place, but by variations around the gray.

The mouse gray serves as a link between the pieces

A gray mouse serves as a link between the large reception rooms and gray or deeper colors have been chosen for the "secondary" rooms such as the entrance, the corridor, certain walls in the rooms or the rooms of water. This choice of dark colors is directly related to a work around the light. Daylight, but especially artificial light. Some pieces have been thought of as black boxes. For example, this chandelier in the entrance, which projects on the ceiling games of shadows and lights. A centerpiece in the image of the relevance of the elements reported in this apartment.

Little but essential. Furniture, objects, lighting or quality photos that fit perfectly into the decor. The sense of the righteous, of the truth, undressed of all artifice. A nice answer to live in a place.