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Dream Houses

Give a personal touch to your decor


This house has been revisited by a decorator. Multiplication of colors and revisited series furniture give it character ...

Catherine Trapet has the eye. From this Croix-Rousse house covered with ivy, she immediately imagined what she would do. First, remove the greenery to reveal the typically Lyon facade, enlarge the openings of the ground floor to bring in the light, cut down some partitions to open the spaces. Once these desires become realities, weddings are happy, and terribly elegant. Catherine made of the first floor that of the rooms. Each is defined by a color, far from neutral tones, too foolish. With the help of her husband, the decorator played the mixes. They have shamelessly associated Olivier Lempereur furniture with custom Ikea basics, Baccarat lighting with industrial lamps, green with orange, pink or blue.

The price of the work (excluding taxes)

Masonry : 30870 €
Paintings (outside and inside): 56464 €
Joinery : 58890 €
tiles : 9660 €
Plumbing (excluding supplies): 22748 €
Electricity : 15547 €
Cooked (excluding household appliances): 7050 €
Concrete floor waxed kitchen (19 m²): 1417 €
Kitchen work plan : 1820 €

Total : 204466 €

Decoration Catherine Trapet-Devouard, decoration advice, 06 62 77 46 86.