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Dream Houses

The colorful loft spirit inexpensively


It is to live and work there that Florence Jaffrain rehabilitated a small metallurgy plant at the gates of Paris. At little cost, respecting the workshop spirit, she made a comfortable and cheerful bubble where her playful furniture found its place ...

In what state did you find this place?

It was a small disused factory, where metal beams were made. There was a workshop, and a storage room on the ground floor and offices upstairs. The workshop had been emptied of its machines, but the whole had remained in its juice and without light, so I visited it by lighter! In fact, it was a rough rectangle with a roof without any opening! At the time, I was not looking to buy but to rent a space where I could live and work. But this factory was for sale ... Finally, I cracked because I immediately projected: I imagined very well my workshop, the kitchen, the dining room, my room, those of children and the bathroom ! I did not hesitate.

How did the work take place?

According to my means, and suddenly it lasted several years! The priority was the main work of course: create a trench for the water pipes, redo the entire electricity. The suite was relatively simple, I wanted an easy-going space, openings everywhere and a real inside-out feel! I had the partitions on the ground floor cut down in the old storage area to keep only the central staircase that used to lead to the offices. I have created openings wherever there are now bay windows and French windows. My friend Sylvain Ohl has replaced the corrugated roof of the central part with a steel structure canopy. Finally, I had tiles on the floor, which I later painted in white to bring more light. The only thing I kept as is the load beams and some brick walls left bare.

How did you furnish this space?

Most of the furniture in this house was made on site, like the kitchen table? which is actually a concrete slab poured into the workshop next to the house ?, the library or the fireplace. A friend made it custom-made in an industrial sheet factory. Here, there are a lot of recovered pieces like the kitchen wooden storage cabinets that were in the workshop area at the time of my arrival, the little bathroom furniture saved from a trash bin ... Finally, there is of course my own creations that I like to describe as mobile furniture, easy to store and move, like my "Face2Face" armchairs placed on the floor in the lounge-library or the "Wave" sofa in the common part of the house .

Where does this idea of ​​mobile furniture come from?

I like this idea of ​​freedom, of ease in a house. That's why this furniture moves easily. I like being able to empty a room in a few minutes to organize a special evening or event. In this house that I live with my three teenage children, it's really convenient to get rid of everything in a short time. My furniture is both mobile and multifunctional: a seat becomes a shelf, a sofa becomes an armchair, etc. The materials I use for my creations are always light, foam or nets for example. This house is at the same time a place of family life and a place of work ...

This is your favorite piece?

Yes, I designed it as soon as I installed it. I work everywhere: in the kitchen or in the garden corner according to the comings and goings of children. I also have an office area to isolate myself when I need calm. The house is also friendly, the kitchen in particular. I often receive friends. I invite them to the show, but we are always attracted to this room and finally we finish the evening. Everyone feels good and it gives off a very beautiful energy! It is undoubtedly the most beautiful success!