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Dream Houses

"I live in a loft, what about you?"


Their life is in a loft: old factory Yoplait, old garage, former textile workshop. The stories of these three lofters and their renovations ...

"My life as an artist in the Yoplait factory"

Area: 130 m² - Place: Ivry-sur-Seine - Purchase date: 1998 - Cost: 678 000 F (ie 103 360 €)

"At the time, I was starting out, I did not have a lot of money, the loft was a dream that seemed to me unapproachable, and I heard about the Bertheau factories, named after Pierre Bertheau. promoter at the origin of the transformation of a dozen factories in Val-de-Marne into places of residence and work for artists (www.lesusinesbertheau.com). That's how we visited, with my wife Catherine, this huge factory abandoned. There were still the milk tanks, the assembly lines. I was blown away by the potential of the place, which allowed me to install my photo studio in the extension of the stay.

The work lasted more than a year: it was necessary to dismantle the equipment, break the partitions, make every one of the 46 lots viable. A regret ? The spirit of the place, which is no longer the same. Before, everyone was there during the day, it was hyper alive. But little by little, the population changes. Artists give way to bankers. Suddenly, the factory turns into a dormitory. Recently, a loft was sold for € 1,150,000 to an economist. What young artist can afford that? "
Frédéric, 42, photographer

"Our future nest in a garage"

Area: 150 m² - Location: a village 20 km from Dunkirk - Date of purchase: 2007 - Cost: 80 000 €

Audrey: "We were living in Dunkirk in a small rented apartment, we wanted to buy, but everything was too expensive.One day, Frederic came across an ad with a shed to retype, it was immediately leaving. he was very handyman.I found this idea a little crazy.It was necessary that the promoter we visit lofts already rehabilitated for me to decide.Car roofing, insulation, electricity, wood heating, mezzanine, bay windows ...

The scope of work is considerable. As our budget is tight (60 000 €), we will do almost everything ourselves. Fortunately, the family is here to give us a hand! Exposed steel frame, cathedral living room, metal staircase: we want to keep the industrial spirit of the place. But for budgetary reasons, it was necessary to make concessions: tiling rather than polished concrete, mezzanine wood rather than metal ... Our goal: to install us in July.
Audrey and Frédéric, 28 and 31 years old, specialized educators (their blog: fredaudrey.unblog.fr).

"My decoration case in a textile workshop"

Surface area: 60 m² - Location: an alley of the 11th arrondissement of Paris - Purchase date: 2005 - Cost: 380 000 €

"I always liked the atypical volumes, maybe because I spent my childhood in a very classic Versailles apartment, with moldings and parquet in hungarian." I was not looking specifically for a loft, but I did not want especially Not a basic apartment My other imperative was not having to do any work I visited about a hundred apartments, supposedly "atypical" I saw slums, attics lugubrious, hangars without windows ...

Here, I feel good. The open space has a fun side: I had a party last weekend, there were nearly 80 people! It's a bit like a house: I have a piece of terrace, at night I hear cats on the roof ... A luxury in Paris! And then I get on well with my alley neighbors, who all have lofts: we get together, I organize darts tournaments for kids ... They are young, work in finance or human resources. Rather suits, like me! "
Pierre, 29, commercial director.