Moving: 5 big causes of disputes


Moving: 5 big causes of disputes


In the life of a couple, the move is one of the major steps causing stress and arguments. What's easier to take on the closest person? But beware of the backlash. Côté Maison guides you so that the move takes place in peace, far from torment.

Now that you know how to handle the disputes over who has discretos Nutella pot, here you are confronted with one of the biggest causes of dispute: the move. When you settled together, the new love having blinded you, you closed your eyes on a few details of the size of a club chair totally slouched. Today, you promised yourself to let nothing pass.

1- No, I will not do everything, all alone

A move concretizes a new stage of life: a new job, a birth, a real estate purchase in common. It is a project that lives to two to avoid reproaches post-apocalypse latent.

Our advice: take the time to plan the different steps together and divide the tasks according to your desires and the time you have. A checklist will guide you step by step. Pack the boxes according to the new room where they will be stored, label carefully to save time unpacking ... Do it together.

Points of tranquility earned: 20/100

2- No, your friends will not help us

The acolytes of your dear half, you dread them. As delicate as a rugby horde and as punctual as an SNCF train. You do not want to manage a team of broken arms, even if they are good will.

Our advice: Call on professionals. Yes it represents a budget, but in case of glitch, they are insured. Tranquility has a price. If your budget does not allow you, plan a strict schedule with a road map and tasks for each.

You may be called hysterical, but in the end, everyone will praise your organization without fail!

Points of tranquility earned: 30/100

3- I want my space to me

No, the life of a couple is not a long calm river. It is rather a bottle where oil and vinegar can mix or separate.

In short, everyone needs his space and no, you can not be fusional all the time. A small corner just to oneself where the other will not be able to impose his desideratas of order and organization.

Our advice : Preserve a room or place for everyone's activities. In the same way a personal furniture will keep what we love without having to justify. Everyone at home but together is a source of peace in the home!

Points of tranquility gained: 25/100

4- No, you will not take those horrors

For your new apartment you dream of industrial style, objects found and retyped. His oil paintings, passion as quickly abandoned as models matchstick and macrame leave you ice.

A move is an opportunity to flash back on our past lives. We rediscover objects that we ended up not seeing, in a new setting, they may not be relevant anymore.

Our advice : Instead of going headlong and take everything away, choose the guideline of your decoration. Ask yourself if the item you are about to pack will have a place of choice. If the answer is no, recycle it.

Points of tranquility gained: 15/100

5- We will place the bed at this place, it's feng shui!

If at the beginning of your relationship you realized too late that the bed stuck to the wall, it oppresses you, this time you will not let yourself go.

To move is to take possession of a new place where everyone must find their place. Beware of: "Do whatever you want, it will be fine." This is the best way to see blame blame.

Our advice: Make a plan with the dimensions of your new apartment to organize the furniture according to your habits. Be careful, on a plane that tends to come in and you often forget the traffic routes of 75 cm minimum to be comfortable.

Points of tranquility earned: 10/100

The move is a bit like a new start for your couple. If everyone puts his own and appropriates the project, everything should happen in serenity. We are never safe from a broken object loved, a lost cardboard, but your dear half, is not there to serve as a défouloir. If you pass this step without a hitch and that of the Swedish store on a Sunday afternoon, we can say that your couple: it's solid!