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Renovation work: the new tax system



Since 1 September 2014, the tax system for renovation works has been simplified. But despite this, its conditions are more demanding and are aimed at a specific audience. Knowing that the laws change regularly, we provide you with a detailed explanation to start your renovation work.

Budget restrictions require, the tax device for renovation works (sustainable development tax credit or CIDD) changed every year to the point of becoming illegible. Since 1 September 2014, the CITE (tax credit for the energy transition) replaces the CIDD, at the single rate of 30%, whatever the equipment (insulation materials, windows, efficient heating appliances, shutters, etc.). It is applicable from the first expense (it is the end of the "work package") and without means test.

Who is the new tax system for?

Landlords, tenants and occupants free of charge of their main home completed for more than two years. It is possible to cumulate ISCED and zero rate loan (eco-PTZ), but under certain conditions of resources.

The plate

This is the price for the supply of windows, French windows, roof windows, insulation materials for exterior entrance doors and shutters (excluding labor), after deduction of other aids public (local, regional, ANAH).

The conditions of the new tax scheme for works

Since 1 January 2015, the work must be carried out by a company "recognized environment guarantor" (RGE). It is a guarantee of know-how and quality, particularly in terms of energy performance. The list of RGE craftsmen can be obtained from the websites of qualifying organizations (Qualibat, CAPEB-ECO Artisans®, Céquami, etc.).

The ceilings of this tax system

€ 8,000 for a single person, single, widowed or divorced. € 16,000 for a couple subject to common taxation + € 400 per dependent. This ceiling is assessed over a period of five years.


Given the frequent changes in legislation, we can not advise you too much to inquire before you engage in energy renovation work. The sites are clear, complete and regularly updated. You will find in particular the list of equipment giving entitlement to the aid, as well as the technical performance required to benefit from it, and the resource ceilings for CITE / eco-PTZ cumulation.

VAT at 5.5% for works

This VAT rate only applies for works eligible for ISCED. If the performances are not respected, the reduced rate of 10% will be applied, as for maintenance work. For the construction of a veranda, the normal rate used is 20%.