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Embellish your kitchen without doing major work

Astral - Muuto

How far they are from the worries of the works! Suspension, painting, furniture ... Here are six tips to give a fresh start in your kitchen in the blink of an eye.

Restore peppery and freshness in his kitchen does not necessarily involve major work. Here, it's not about changing your kitchen furniture, or breaking everything. We offer six simple and achievable ideas. Change your lighting, bring a touch of color, invest or customize your chairs ... it can be enough to embellish this room that we cherish so much.

1. The suspensions, the new classic kitchen

Today unavoidable in the most beautiful kitchens, the suspensions continue to inspire us. It must be said that the possibilities are multiple with this fixture: size, color, shape and style are constantly renewed to seduce us. The proof with these Muuto luminaries that bring dynamism and radiance into the kitchen.

Multiply fixtures: a guaranteed effect for contemporary and personal cuisine.

2. Color on the walls

You can crack on a little touch of color ...

... or opt for painting on a wall. You choose.

3. Chairs, a deco asset

Change his chairs. A simple thing that we rarely think about. Yet the effect is striking. If you do not want to invest in a new foundation, there are several solutions: repainting your old wooden chair, adding a cushion ... let your imagination run wild.

If you are worried about failed makeovers or bad associations, it's a safe bet ... as long as you invest.

4. Tables get high

At first, it is around islets that stools have found their place. Today, the kitchen tables rise in their turn for our greatest pleasure. Compromised between the bar, the traditional kitchen table and the long dining table, these contemporary tables have everything to seduce us. Here are two examples ...

5. A touch of bright color

If your kitchen seems dull and without personality, adding color is certainly the most effective solution. The proof in image.

6. The floor is dressed in vinyl

In the kitchen every detail of its importance and this ... to the ground! Vinyl is now acclaimed by many lovers of decoration and renovation. Its practical side and its aesthetic appearance will they seduce you too?