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Renovate a bathroom without changing everything


You can no longer see your bathroom in painting, but you do not necessarily have the means to embark on expensive work? Here are 4 ways to give it a fresh start, without changing everything.

1. Replace the bathtub with a shower

Walls and floors are never tiled at the location of the bathtub. And since we no longer have original tiles, we must redo the entire bathroom if you want to install a shower. With the concepts "Kinemagic" and "Ideal Moove", proposed by Kinedo and Ideal Standard, the problem is solved: in addition to the shower tray and the shower wall, panels are provided to cover the walls, solving both the questions aesthetic and waterproof. According to Ideal Standard, it only takes one day for a good handyman to make the substitution. To convince you, watch on Dailymotion the little film made by the manufacturer.

2. Figure a carpet

Faded parquet in your bathroom? Paint it white and create a trompe-l'oeil rug. Opt for a graphic pattern, like a checkerboard, the slats will serve as a template. Here, colors from the Little Greene Retrospective collection have been chosen (from 33 euros per liter): "Hicks' Blue" petrol blue, "Purpleheart" purple, "Tivoli" light blue, "Narcissus" light yellow, and pink lilac "Debutant". On the wall, "Hicks' Blue".

3. Dress the walls

Renovate your bathroom by changing the coatings. If you're not a fan of tiles, try PVC! Proposed in two widths of blades (37.5 cm and 18.5 cm), "Exapan Attitude" is a decorative coating for walls and ceilings. Waterproof, it can be installed in the shower. Various decor and colors, laying on wooden battens or direct laying by gluing, stapling or screwing. From 10.90 euros per m2, Grosfillex.

4. Opt for suspended toilets

Renovate your bathroom with new toilet. When suspended, the bowl is both more design (lack of tank and exposed pipes) and more practical (easy soil cleaning). The racking solutions (ErgoWall, Geberit, Siamp, etc.) simplify the work: count on a day of hard work. Just choose the support frame depending on the nature of the wall (carrier or not). At Leroy Merlin, dressing ready to paint or tiling costs 99 euros.