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8 jobs to do this summer


Synonymous with free time and sun, summer is the season conducive to the realization of work. Painting, terrace, renovation ... Our quick checklist of 8 things to do to beautify your home ...

Do you have some free time and sunny days are waiting for you? This is the perfect opportunity to carry out the work that awaits you all year round. Here is our summer To Do List of 8 little things to do to pamper your interior ...

1. Repaint the room

A brushstroke is required in your room but you can not stand the smell of paint? The beautiful days will allow you to ventilate longer. The paint then dries faster and the odors are eliminated quickly. Take the opportunity to tackle the walls of the children's room at the same time. And why not have them participate this summer?

2. Restore the terrace

Easier to do on sunny days, outdoor work is waiting for you this summer. The terrace is the most impatient: construction, renovation, blow of costs or dressing, do not neglect it!

3. Repainting the shutters

Repainting shutters in the middle of winter? Never ! It is certainly not pleasant but it is especially strongly discouraged, so wait the summer. Be careful though, if the heat is too high it is possible that the painting turns. Depending on your region, mild days are more or less common, but you are strongly advised to wait for them.

4. Maintain the roof

Whether you are tackling the roof yourself or having a professional, the ideal is to work on a dry roof. For security reasons of course, but also not to make the task more thankless. Removing foam, repairing tiles or broken slates ... is not always easy but extremely important to stay away from the rain and the freshness of winter.

5. Sweep the chimney

Has not your chimney been your best friend this winter? She deserves to be taken care of during her summer break. Cleaning the soot inside the chimney ensures its maintenance and a warm winter ...

6. Return the wood

No fireplace without wood ... Enjoy the summer to cut and return!

7. Redo his cooking

Difficult to deprive of soups and other hot dishes in winter. But in the summer, salads, raw vegetables and picnics are our allies. Under these conditions it is possible to separate from the oven and hobs during the work. If you want to repaint the facades of your kitchen furniture it is also better to do it on sunny days.

8. Redo his bathroom

Indispensable in winter, hot showers may be missing a few days in summer. If you have a garden, why not opt ​​for a solar shower time of work?