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DIY and renovation: a selection of books that move


Maison Magazine has selected practical books that will help you in your remodeling work and other crafts ...

To tinker, renovate, light up your garden, hunt ... Books enlighten us on all subjects! To read…

House ! Do it yourself

But then really everything, plumbing, masonry, insulation ... With this book, you can understand the technical issues of the work you want to undertake. Drill a bay? Why not, but there are conditions to respect, technical problems to solve, a method to apply. Simpler questions are also discussed: install a parquet, a back and forth ... A book to always have on hand.

I do not know how to tinker!

Admittedly, it was first of all the cover and the gently ironic title that we liked. But the good impression is confirmed inside. It's a book for neophytes, so we ban the jargon of pro and we take the fundamentals, starting with the content of the toolbox. The tone is complicit, and even if we find small work in any other work of DIY (change a tap or install a power socket), the approach is smart enough and casual to be adhered to without Reserve.

Garden lighting

Lighting the surroundings of a house is far from child's play. It is as much to magnify the facade as to suggest a path, to secure the staircase or to work the nocturnal atmosphere of the terrace to dine with friends. So, between technical constraints and aesthetic approach, it is easy to get discouraged. To avoid this, we recommend reading these pages rich in ideas. From the topographical study of the garden to the location of light sources (solar lighting, low and very low voltage, LEDs), the author goes around the question with pedagogy.

Renovate everything in the house

Summer is coming, it's the time when we have time to remake the tiles in the bathroom, to make a headboard in paneling, even to attack this step of stairs that creaks for chandeliers. So many small jobs for which reading these pages will be useful. Set necessary, precautions to take, steps to follow ... Everything is explained and illustrated with precision.

DIY guide for girls

With method, nothing insurmountable. The authors of this book have scanned just about every possible work: from paint on the walls of the living room, to the installation of tiles in the bathroom, to the installation of curtains or a shelf, or - horror! - Unclogging the sink. The book is simple, and illustrations (rather nice) give it a seductive side, which for a DIY manual, is never won!

Chiner the design

When you spend your evenings on eBay and its Sundays in the garage sales of France and Navarre, it is better to be armed. Because if you do not know who you're dealing with, it's good to know what you're dealing with. This book focuses on 1,000 objects from all walks of life - from the insulated pitcher to the telephone, from the ashtray to the toaster, from the vacuum cleaner to the transistor. A good way to check at a glance the pedigree of a product: name, designer and brand