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How to remove a stain on the carpet?


Synthetic or natural carpet, a task is quickly arrived ... Quick tips to relax and maintain a carpet ...

1. Remove carpet stains

- Buy scarlet water and rub the stained area with a clean rag. Another solution: mix a white soap such as Dove or Marseille soap in hot water. If you do not have one at hand, take some washing-up liquid or product to wash your hands, but this time only with lemon.

- To clean a chewing gum stuck on the carpet, scrub vigorously with an ice cube.

- To remove a stain of red wine, cover the whole task with salt and allow to dry for 8 hours. The task will disappear as if by magic!

- To remove hair accumulated on a carpet, two ways are available to you: rub with rubber gloves then suck. Another solution: use a damp cloth for an even more effective result, indeed the humidity of the cloth also revives the colors. The operation can also be performed with a simple piece of damp cloth soaked in cleaning product.

2. Cleaning products for carpeting

- For natural fiber carpet, dry cleaning is recommended. Use the powder Starwax 14.90 €, against mites, at Castorama (also exists in bomb at 9,95 €). Sprinkle the stained area, leave for 20 to 30 minutes then scrub vigorously with a brush to finally suck everything!

- For a synthetic carpet, the Loriaux shampoo, 8 € 30 the 1 liter bottle at Leroy Merlin will be very effective. You can also use laundry, but be sure to rinse well to prevent a new job from forming!