Reviving her kitchen: Sophie Ferjani's advice



Olivier Martin-Gambier

Is your kitchen gray? At a time when the kitchen takes more and more space in the house, it's time to give it a makeover. Here are the tips of Sophie Ferjani, professional decorator ...

How to renovate his kitchen furniture at a low price? What to replace, what are the trends? Sophie Ferjani, interior designer and presenter of "House for Sale" on M6, gives us his advice ...

1. Transform the facades of kitchen furniture

The facades of kitchen furniture are essential, they represent 60% of the visual impact. So that's the first thing to change to modernize the room.

Choosing the right paint

Painting on the doors of furniture can sometimes be long and tedious because it is necessary to apply an underlay then several layers afterwards. To overcome this problem, a new range of resin-based paint has been created. It is easier to use: no need to sand even if the original paint was glossy or melamine. We put directly one or two layers and finish with a finishing resin. This hardener varnish allows a longevity of the paint for your furniture.

A technique to avoid sanding

To avoid ponser, just use a special underlay for laminate or tiling. It is better to use glossy paint because it is more resistant to water or a special tiled paint. The problem of tile painting is that there are not many colors, so the choice is quite limited ...

For the moldings of the facades:

If the facades of your kitchen furniture have moldings, repaint them to give them a more modern spirit. If on the contrary the facades are smooth, it is possible to use venilia adhesive with brushed aluminum effect to change the rendering.

Plywood "hide misery"

Alternatively, plywood boards can be glued to the facades and repainted.

Change the facades

A very last solution is offered to us to modify its facades of furniture: to change only the door. Some doors are standard size, a small tour at major brands such as Ikea or Castorama and you will find new ones.

2. Modify the work plan

The work plan is 30% of the visual in a kitchen. Previously, kitchens had worktops at 85 to 86cm high. Now the new reference height has adapted to the average size of current generations is 90, 91cm.

A clever technique to enhance the work plan

To enhance its work plan, no need to remove it, just add one extra thickness. All that remains is to reclose the plates and the sink and you're done! With this technique 2 in 1, we recover from the height and a new look ...

If the worktop is tiled

You can repaint the tile even if it is not the best solution. Indeed, on a tile worktop, the joints get dirty quickly, leaving an impression of dirt.

For a chic and trendy surface

Another idea is waxed concrete. Increasingly accessible now, this easy-to-use technique makes it possible to have a flat surface and in the current colors. There are now some easy to apply at Castorama or Leroy Merlin.

3. The credence of the kitchen

We can simply paint the credence because it undergoes less shock than a work plan. To recreate a new one can also stick 50x60 cm aluminum plates that are found in stores like Leroy Merlin or Lapeyre.

Smartilles: on this site, you will be able to find plates of 30x30 cm reproducing tiling or mosaics of adhesive glasses.

Renosticks: this site sells stickers imitating tiles. Their advantage is that in addition to having a strong decorative power, they are very resistant to water.

The most ideas to change the handles of your kitchen furniture

To complete this renovation, we must not forget the final touch: the furniture handles. You can find your happiness at any major DIY brands.

Here is a selection of some furniture handles and buttons found on the net to give you some original ideas.

1. Decor porcelain button (ref: PB 129). Price: 2.78 euros.2. Square glass button (ref: PB 564). Price: 24.25 euros3. Stainless steel furniture handle (ref: PB 258) from 5.40 euros (3 different sizes).4. Button wood wheel walnut (ref: PB 1240). Price: 15.55 euros5. Leather and metal button (ref: PB 528). Price: 4,55 euros6. Furniture handle look stainless steel wave (ref: PB1146) from 14.74 euros

No more handles and door knobs for your furniture.