An estimate to renovate a 27 m2


An estimate to renovate a 27 m2


The acquisition of housing is often an opportunity to do a deep renovation and bring plumbing and electricity up to standard. Here is the example of a complete quote for a 27 m2 ...

Description of the work to be performed

The owner wants to modernize the small two rooms (26.8 m2) she has just acquired. Indeed, this apartment (two service rooms together) has not been renovated since 1981. Objective: make the space more functional and more suited to his lifestyle.

Most of the work concerns plumbing and a new electrical installation with, in each room, a sufficient number of outlets to avoid the power strips. In the bathroom, she installed new faucets, a WC Sanibroyeur, a washbasin, a cumulus, a tray and a shower door, and a mural faience on the whole height and periphery of the walls; in the kitchen, a tiled splashback and, on the floor, large concrete slabs of 60 x 60 cm (ditto in the bathroom); and in the bedroom, a dressing room.

The quote in detail

Company: Entreprise générale du bâtiment Descriptive n ° 0099 The customer: Miss Marie-Laurence Branolat 75020 PARIS Paris, December 9th, 2009

1. Preparatory work:

Sanitary, tiling, cumulus, soft floor removal> Removal and disposal of rubble (1)

2. Description of work:

Soil leveling Supply and installation of 16 m2 of earthenware and 7 m2 of tiling Supply and installation of a metal frame partition (2) for walk-in tap fittings Piping (3) made of copper for power supplies and PVC for Cumulus evacuations ( 4) Horizontal hot water (75 liters), toilet Sanitizer, sink, tray and shower door Supply and installation for the creation of a new NF compliant installation (5) Supply and installation of equipment: switches, sockets, socket TV, protection board with GFCI (6) (30 mA type A and AC)

3. Amount of work

Preparatory work € 1,690.00> Masonry, plastering and partitioning € 6,552.30> Plumbing (supply and installation) € 4,674, 00> Electricity € 4,970, 00 €

Total HT 17 887, 20 €+ VAT 5.5% 983, 80 €


TOTAL PRICE 18 871, 00 €

Our comments and clarifications

Condominium Agreement

In an apartment, some interior fittings are regulated by the condominium. For example, the restoration of the grounds may be subject to material constraints in order to maintain good soundproofing. Before any project, it is necessary to take knowledge of the regulation of the co-ownership.

(1) Removal of rubble and rubbish

When drawing up the estimate, remember to specify in black and white that the removal of rubble is the responsibility of the contractor. Do not hesitate to remind him of his obligations in case of forgetting.

(2) A quick partition

A simple partition to which the headboard leans allows to create a dressing directly in the room, without loss of space. Fast implementation, the metal frame solution is an excellent compromise.

(3) Piping: the right pipe

The materials used are defined by the decree of May 29, 1997. Copper is preferred for water inflows and PVC for evacuations. The choice is made in particular according to the physicochemical qualities of the water.

(4) Hot water tank: sufficient water

The capacity of the hot water tank must be adapted to the size of the house, the equipment (shower or bath) and the number of inhabitants. For two rooms, a capacity of 75 to 100 liters is recommended.

(5) Electricity to standards

Standards are regularly reviewed, especially to meet new needs in multimedia, home automation, etc. Only a professional can guarantee the conformity of the installation (EDF requiring a certificate of conformity).

(6) Electrical obsolescence

Any home network prior to 1991 is considered obsolete if it does not benefit from a differential, the latter being the guarantor of your safety. A high sensitivity differential device (30 mA) must be installed.

Secure bathroom

You can not install the plugs anywhere. To determine their position, it is necessary to strictly follow the NFC-15.100 standard, which distinguishes different areas (volumes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4) in the bathroom. The outlets are only allowed in volume 3, at least 60 cm from the bath or shower.

Electric comfort

To limit the use of power strips, a minimum number of outlets (P) and light points (PL) in each room is recommended: Stay : 5 P, 1 PL. Bedroom : 3 P, 1 PL. Cooked : 5 P, 2 PL, 1 socket 16 A for the dishwasher + 1 socket or 32 A boxBathroom : 1 P, 2 PL.Entrance, clearance, circulation, storeroom : 1 P, 1 PL. WC: 1 PL. Laundry washing : a 16 A specialty outlet

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