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Choice of parquet: the wood remains king

Engineered parquet 14 mm thick, 3 mm for the wear layer. The ash was brushed, then painted white before receiving a satin varnish. L. 182 x l. 14.5 cm, floating installation by snapping. "Satin Ivory White Ash", Castello range, € 78.65 per m2, Quick-Step.


Massive, laminated or laminated, discover all the characteristics to know on the floor to choose it!

From solid to laminate, the choice is wide, but the warm and natural appearance always seduces. Over the years, the parquet has lost in thickness, but gained in colors and essences.

Solid parquet

It consists of blades of the same species whose thickness can vary from 20 to 23 mm. Its robustness is legendary. It will long retain its beauty because it will support several sanding. It is available in many European species (pine, chestnut, beech, oak ...) or exotic as teak, Ipe, bamboo, merbau, eucalyptus, etc. Today we find parquet floors, always massive, but thinner, 10 to 16 mm thick, that can be glued.

Engineered parquet

From 8 to 16 mm thick, it is in the form of a "sandwich" product consisting of three layers of wood (or derivative) superimposed:
The wear layer, which is the decor of the floor, measures 2.5 to 6 mm. When we must renovate the floor, its thickness will make the difference, allowing the coating to undergo more or less sanding. The intermediate layer (in block wood, chipboard, plywood or high density particle board) is the soul of the parquet. It is she who gives it its rigidity. The lower layer, the counterpart, rests on the ground. Generally in softwood, it is she who ensures the stability of the whole.

Laminate flooring

It is not a floor even if it looks like it to be mistaken. It is a composite material that superimposes a resin-impregnated decorative paper, a central core of high density fibers (HDF or MDF), a lower anti-deformation layer and, optionally, an insulating underlay bonded to the back of the fabric. blade for sound comfort. The most resistant is the HPL (High Pressure Laminated) laminate, assembled under very high pressure and having several layers of hard resin that protect the decor. Very thin (from 6 to 11 mm) and easy to install, laminate floors have their place in all rooms, there are even ranges special bathrooms. On the other hand, they are poor phonic insulators: thus to pose on an insulating sub-layer unless it is integrated of origin to the product.

The prices of the parquet

From 15 to 150 € the m2 for massive. From 60 to 100 € the m2 for laminated. From 15 to 45 € per m2 for laminate.