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Replace a carpet with a parquet: how to do?


The floor of the room is stained, spoiled, old-fashioned, or just tired of it? We explain to you how to put parquet in place of the carpet.

It is not known enough, but a carpet in good condition is an excellent underlay for laying a floating floor. In most cases, it will not be necessary to deposit it, but only to dust it well before covering it. The carpet will play the role of sound insulation and will participate in thermal comfort. Once the floorboards chosen, it is essential to store a few days in the room to renovate to accustom them to the temperature and humidity of the premises, and thus avoid any expansion or retraction after installation.

It is also recommended to place the blades in the direction of light to make any defects less visible. The laying of the first blade is the most delicate: it must be perfectly rectilinear, very straight and locked against the wall with expansion wedges (to be removed once completed work). It remains only to nest the blades as pieces of a puzzle.

The floor is a carpet cut

We can directly put the floating floor on the old floor of the room. This method requires no glue or nails: the floorboards are assembled using grooves and tongues, usually lined with clips, and fit together to become a solid coating.

The floor of the room is a carpet with long hair or curls

The flooring must be completely peeled off, smoothed out according to the condition of the floor, then put the floor. The risk of floating on long-pile carpets is that the cladding "plays" unevenly and is quickly damaged.

Before laying the new flooring

- Thoroughly vacuum the carpet before laying the parquet for a sound underlayment.
- The floating installation makes it possible to dismount the parquet easily. In the case of a rental, we can take it with you and return the home to its original state.