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Decoration error: do not repair the damage and finish the small jobs

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Decoration error n ° 11. A hanging electric wire, a missing door handle, a chipped glass, a leaky faucet, a wallpaper that curls ... For lack of time, money or simply because you're not a DIY pro, these little sloppiness in your home or apartment accumulate. And, between us, it's really bad! Know that there are solutions available to you. Decryption.

In this new column "Error deco", we tackle the small jobs of DIY, renovation, repair, maintenance of your home or apartment, which drag, which drag ... And which undoubtedly spoil the potential and the stamp of your good.

Decoration error n ° 11: do not repair the damage and finish the small jobs

Hanging wire, exposed socket, chipped glass, wallpaper hanging off the wall, a hole in a wall, a leaky faucet, a shower head in poor condition, a garage door that does not close What's more, a missing door handle, a burned out bulb and not replaced: we say no to the house-trash! So yes, you may have good "excuses": no time, no money, no fiber handyman ... Because yes, we are not all handymen: there are those who seem to be born with a screwdriver or a drill in his hand, and there are all the others! For whom, to carry out even minimal works is mission impossible. Then, we hear your distress, your call for help, tired of all these little worries that play with your nerds and your wallet. And we offer you several solutions: some free that rely on the "barter" or other "educational" ...

Examples of what we do not want to see?

Old bathtub with wallpaper to renovate


Renovation of a 19m2 duplex in Paris by interior designer Elodie Cussonnier www.elc-deco.com - Photos before work

Elc Deco

Decoration error: do not finish the finishes, repairs and small jobs

House side

To repair damage and finish small jobs, several solutions are available to you:
Take DIY classes. Admittedly, it's a rather expensive solution, but what a satisfaction to be able to carry out small repairs yourself! Leroy Merlin offers DIY courses by level (learn the basics of electricity, plumbing, ...). Count 15 euros the 3 hours of course - registration is done on Leroymerlin.fr
Engage in barter. Choose this free solution if you have time and are certain to be able to offer a skill in return. The Castorama brand has set up the site Lestrocheures.fr who offers after a registration in a few clicks, to find your DIY accomplice near you.

Troc'Heures DIY Castorama


Ask a professional. Here is a solution where you are almost assured of an impeccable result. The national network of independent speakers SOS DIY has competent professionals in many disciplines, from computers to DIY to gardening. Count 40 euros the intervention of one hour with displacement included in a perimeter of 10 km.

Hands with construction tools. House renovation background.

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