Bathroom: tiles play on materials


Point P

Lace effect, imitation mosaic, turtle shell, pencil or porcelain-like mines, tiling is in all its forms. Discover the selection of 10 tiles of Cotemaison.fr.

1. Tiles and lace

Like lace applied on ceramics, Patchwork, Bas Relief collection by Patricia Urquiola dim 18 cm x 54 cm 3 possible colors, 273.88 euros per m2, Carrément Victoire. www.carrement-victoire.fr

2. The tiles flow from the source

Sea Silver, enamelled faience with irregular relief like the surface of the water, 33.3 x 100 cm, rectified edges. Color: blanco, gold, silver. Gloss finish and mirror effect for the colors gold and silver, 70.88 euros TTC m2 for the white color and 340.74 euros TTC m2 for the colors silver and gold (complex manufacturing process to obtain this metallic aspect close to the 'mirror effect). www.porcelanosa.com

3. Tiling or honeycomb

Epure, hexagonal cut in relief, format 30x30 cm, 49 euros the plate, Surface, 79 rue de Boissière 75016 Paris. No. readers 01 45 00 46 49. www.surface.fr

4. Classy and sober wall tile

Paper moods, tiled wall tile, 124 euros the plate of 24X40 cm, Point P. www.pointp.fr

5. Porcelain-like tiles

Ambition, a game in ceramics, sandstone and porcelain. Size: 30.5x91.5 cm - 12 "x36" Surface: Glossy Color range: White, Pink, Cream, Ecru, Opal, Gray, Mocha. www.atlasconcorde.it

6. Tiles like pencil spikes

Like pencil tips sticking in the clay, Pico design by Bouroullec, from 144 euros the plate of 60X60 cm, Surface, 79 rue de Boissière 75016 Paris. No. readers 01 45 00 46 49. www.surface.fr

7. The tiling day on the reliefs

Matt white wall faience with regular and geometric reliefs. Rectified edges, single format 33.3x100 cm in white color, for wall mounting only, 70.88 euros VAT included per m2 Diamond H, Porcelanosa. www.porcelanosa.com

8. Tiles in the shape of Chinese waves

Chinese Waves color metal, glazed earthenware, size 20X20 cm, 45 euros each, Emery. www.emeryetcie.com

9. Tiling or turtle?

Tortoise shell, embossed, size 13x13 cm to 35 euros or 20x20 cm to 45 euros each, Emery. www.emeryetcie.com

10. A mosaic tile

Canyon Onix, mosaic of wood and onyx pre-mounted on net dim 28 x 28 x 2 P, 59,68 euros the piece. Carrer Victoire. www.carrement-victoire.fr