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Designer creations, new dimensions, effects of materials, prestigious mosaics, the tiling renews its own genre. A range of pieces chosen and presented by Côté Paris.


Designer creations, new dimensions, effects of materials, prestigious mosaics, the tiling renews its own genre. A range of pieces chosen and presented by Côté Paris.

The tiles "S'tiles"

S'tiles emphasizes the Laminam company whose collection allows, by its dimensions and its thickness, a great facility of installation.
Range : the slab Laminam is born from a mixture of natural raw materials, transformed into granules then compacted before being cooked at 1200 degrees. Playful: the series "puzzle"! Also available in 1 x 1 m and parquet style blade. Price on estimate.
New: a solution that adapts even on curved walls, forming an architectural "skin". Dress walls and floors, inside and out, new or existing.
The + : thanks to a thickness of 3 mm, large tiles fit on all surfaces. And a range resistant to mechanical stresses, chemical aggressions, scratches ...
91-93, Panhard and Levassor Quay, 75013. Tel. 01 53 61 40 90 and

"Surface" tiles

Founded in 1973, Surface strives to continually find new products.
Range : porcelain stoneware, earthenware, mosaic ... or decorated tiles, more than 3,500 references (from € 30 per m²). In both showrooms, Stéphane Gravis proposes tiles in XXL porcelain stoneware imitating stone, slate or metal and colored microceramics.
News: materials such as mother-of-pearl and hand-made mosaics and, in the current trend, thin tiles.
The + : designer tiles and the competent team in technology and decoration.
79, rue Boissière, 75016, and 25, rue de Varenne, 75007. Monday to Saturday. Such. 01 45 00 46 49 and

The tiles "Cerámica Saloni"

This Spanish ceramic manufacturer offers customized concepts through virtual image creation software.
Range : more than 3,000 different references, which multiply the combinations.
News: 3mm x 3m (3mm x 3mm) sizes or factory-finished tiles to fit the bathroom vanities in their collection. The latest series "Sincro" offers 3 decorative themes serigraphed - floral pattern, graphic decor and mosaic effect - from € 63 each.
The + : exceptional collections, such as those created by Roberto Verino.
89-91, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008. Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. Such. 01 44 18 71 44 and

The tiling "Art Ceramica"

Italian ceramist Art Ceramica specializes in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and terraces.
Range : mosaics made from a mixture of polished and frosted glass, mother-of-pearl, natural stone, aluminum, gold, silver ...
New: the ZER0.3 collection, the fruit of an exclusive technological feat "laminated sandstone".
The +: the thickness of 3.5 mm of some tiles allows precision work during a renovation, and the possibility of working on existing surfaces and materials.
54, rue Jean de la Fontaine, 75016. Tel. 01 40 50 15 23 and

The tile "Dimension Tile"

The brand brings together ten professionals gathered in twelve outlets in Île-de-France.
Range : 500 collections including pebbles, marble, mosaic glass paste, mosaic marble or mosaic stainless steel.
News: the "Casa Dolce" and "Venice" collections with floor tiles up to 80 x 80 cm (114 € per m2). The "Vintage" series, wood aspect in strips of 18 x 118 cm (82 € the m2) or slabs of 15 x 60 cm (61 € the m2).
The +: a personalized design, technical and budget service and a selection of wooden floors and spas.
At Socolo. 2, boulevard du Havre, 95220 Herblay. Such. 01 39 97 30 98 and