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SAUTER towel warmer, well-being first and foremost

A smart electric radiator, with 3 hooks and a retractable bar to hang all the towels of the family. Marapi radiator. JUMP.


Get out of the shower and wrap yourself in a bathrobe or a hot towel ... An accessible pleasure thanks to the SAUTER towel warmers. Their assets? Succeed in heating your towels and the bathroom, while bringing a decorative touch to this living room. Small selection of flagship models of the range.

Try one of the SAUTER towel warmers! Design and performance, all models of the brand have been designed to simplify your daily life. Simple and quick to install thanks to an installation guide included in the package, they are really adapted to all configurations.

Electric, hot water, slim version ... Sauter offers a wide range of towel warmers to fit all needs. JUMP.


Towel dryer, invent your style ...

Dedicated to small rooms, special family, products coupled with central heating or towel dryer connected ... You choose The product that suits you. And that will perfectly match the ambience of your bathroom via the wide range of colors and finishes. Some models are available in 4 trendy colors, from steel gray, to cappuccino, anthracite and white, as well as glossy, textured, matte finishes.

Coup de coeur for slim Goreli, the space saving model

Because comfort is not reserved for large bathrooms, SAUTER also offers its model Goreli in slim version. Ultra-compact with a small width of 40 cm, this beautifully curved electric towel radiator is perfect for small spaces. Even mini, it is practical with both hooks to hang bathrobes or towels. It also has a free weekly schedule to easily program the heating ranges adapted to your lifestyle and a boost function, appreciable to heat very quickly the bathroom. Direction the enveloping warmth of her warm and fluffy towels!

WE love: its installation at a glance via the installation template included and digital time display. Its 2 color versions (white and pearl gray) and 2 finishes (smooth glossy appearance & textured matte appearance) to harmonize with our decor.

Slim version, the towel dryer Goreli knows how to be very small. Here, in steel gray. JUMP.


Marapi, the towel radiator suitable for the whole family

Equipped with the patented 3CS ® technology, a SAUTER innovation, this electric towel radiator is a true concentrate of technology, with its constant enveloping heat. A product that manages to heat the bathroom and towels simultaneously, but can also dry your wet towels after use.

WE love : its clever accessories like the 3 hooks and the retractable bar to hang all the towels of the family. The laundry drying function saves us time. Easy access controls ...

A smart electric radiator, with 3 hooks and a retractable bar to hang all the towels of the family. Marapi radiator. JUMP.


Venice, the heated towel rail swivel, even easier to access

This electric towel radiator will find its place in all bathrooms: with its swivel version and its side opening, warm and soft towels are easy to access.

WE love: maximum comfort with constant and immediate enveloping heat through the ventilo. The multi-function side to heat towels and bathroom but also to dry the towels, even on each other. The digital mobile control, to have it always at hand.

The Venice Swivel Towel Bar offers easy access to hot towels. JUMP.


Asama, the towel radiator, with a sleek design

This towel warmer will appeal to lovers of contemporary design. The electric model is part of bestsellers the brand combines aesthetics and comfort, thanks to the patented 3CS ® technology exclusive to SAUTER. A 3 in 1 model that can heat the bathroom and towels but also dry a large number of towels simultaneously.

To adapt to all requests, this model also exists in hot water version: it is connected to your boiler or to your heat pump and only works when the central heating is switched on. A solution as efficient as economic.

WE love : its bar that pivots to hang more towels, the presence of 2 coat hooks to hang bathrobes or bath towels, controls easy to access and use. Customization possible with 4 colors and 4 finishes. Flat blade design for faster drying of towels.

Resolutely design, the Asama electric towel rail comes in a trendy color. JUMP.